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Pregnant??? Please Help?

I'm trying to get pregnant and just recently found out that I have PCOS. I had a lap done on 3/16/07 and started taking Metformin and then started my Clmoid on the 5th day of my cycle which was April 8th, My cycle lasted me 8 days which was on the 16th of April. I had sex o n the 18th of April and before that I also had sex on March the 30th however he pulled out. We tried again on the 21st of April and then again on the 25th of April. I was suppose to get my period on May the 8th. And it never came as of today 5/10/07 nothing and no cramps. The last day we had intercourse was May the 8th.

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    It's unlikely you got pregnant from having the sex on the 8th, but it could have been from the 21st or 25th. Take a home pregnancy test and find out for sure. There's plenty of tests out there that you can take as soon as a week after you expect conception to be. You typically ovulate (which some women feel as a short period of cramping on one side or the other) midway through your cycle and for optimal chances of conception you want to have sex just about daily a couple days before and the day you ovulate.

    Good luck!

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    Better have a regular sex for couple of months. You will definitely be pregnant. Even if like around 2 months regular sex also u are not able to conceive better see a doctor. I don't wish that u see a doctor!!

    Best o luck!!!

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    have more sex

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