why my daughter age 3 dont want to eat only milk and cheese?

Please help me! my daughter only drinks milk and eats cheese and she is 3, she dont want to eat any food she cries, no cookie or icecream or anything else...pls advice me I am worried

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    My daughter was not a picky eater but my nephew who I helped raise was. Your daughter may be a picky eater and prefer the taste of those items or they may just be easy on her tummy-at least until it causes gas, bloating and constipation-or the other end of the spectrum, diarrhea and dehydration! My granddaughter Jordan will be 3 in June and she goes thru phases where all she wants is milk w/strawberry syrup added in and cheese, refuses to eat anything else, not even her favorite foods or snacks. Her pediatricians all said it is normal for toddlers to go thru such phases as well as phases of "toddler anorexia", <that is not eating then throwing up on purpose like teens or adults do but>, its simply not eating-but when they get hungry enough they will eat. So far, thats proved to be true. Most toddlers have favorite foods just like adults do. Maybe right now it is milk and cheese. You can try taking away the cheese and milk a bit but kids need lots of calcium to develop strong teeth and bones so if you do stop her intake be sure to replace these items with a multivitamin that contains calcium, vitamin D and iron. Most all kids are iron deficient and the various vitamins work together for nutrition. Replacing the milk with juice is not always a good idea as a lot of juices such as Juicy Juice brand have loads of sugar! Read the lables. A little juice is ok but whole fresh fruit is way better.The crying is her way of getting what she wants, Jordan does the same thing. Sometimes we have to take a "tough love" stance for their own good tho. With Jordan, right now she is in a phase that she doesnt want to eat at all, all she wants is liquids-so I tell her "when you eat a few bites you can have a drink" so she will eat some just to get the drinks. The give & take seems to work with her. Most normally healthy toddlers have no problem with a lack of liquids at mealtimes as most produce way too much saliva anyhow, so unless she has swallowing problems, it may work to try the give & take I use with Jordan. Also try new foods with her, healthy things including raw whole fruits and vegetables. She may just be bored with the other foods she is being offered if they are served often. Offer her snackes thru-out the day, but try to make it fresh fruits etc as much as possible. A cookie now and then is ok but shouldnt be a habit. Jordan likes Hershey Bars and Reeses Cups but she isnt allowed any unless she eats a sufficient amount of healthy foods. A child with an empty tummy will not rest well and will get irritable, or too much cheese can cause constipation, which in turn is unhealthy and causes a lack of rest, cant sleep with a tight tummy! Its hard to ignore the crying but after awhile she will see she cant get her way with it so she will stop. BTW Ive been around a lot of kids in my lifetime and if the crying gets to be too much, try whispering something to her that has nothing to do with what she is crying about, such as "the sky is blue, and I love you!". There used to be a tv ad that said "if you want to capture someones attention, whisper" and its totally correct! Just be sure to do the whisper loud enough for her to hear you over her crying but not loud enough for her to hear you without having to stop crying. Then get her interested in something that you can turn into an interest in eating. If nothing else, let her help you cook or bake-keep her safe around the stove but let her mix foods, add ingredients or something safe like that. That is part of how I get Jordan to eat too. Hope any of this is helpful to you!

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    Because that is what you are allowing her - what I'm saying is if you get rid of the milk and cheese for a few days and provide other foods, she will have no choice but to eat. I have a VERY picky eater and my doctor, and also among what I've read, says that they will eat, eventually, if they're hungry. It's not torture, it's actually teaching them that eating is mandatory. Provide cut up fruit, veggies, small meat portions, even chicken nuggets or hashbrowns. Try offering syrup, catsup, ranch dip with these as well. After she starts to nibble on some of the other foods, she may come around. Also, my doctor said to ALWAYS give a vitamin. My daughter was even borderline anemic so I had to give her the liquid vitamins with iron. Please try something different as she is not getting the nutrients that she needs with a milk and cheese only diet.

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    Who's the parent here.........................................

    Why have you been allowing her to push you around for the past 3 years...................................

    Step up to the plate and do your job!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Place good health foods in front on her (NO MILK AND NO CHEESE). If she refuses to eat it, cover it, place it in the frig, bring it out for the next meal and try again. Continue this until she finally eats - and she will because she will get hungry. You must show her who's the boss (YOU NOT HER)!

    Once she eats what you give her, slowly add a little milk back into her diet. Personally, I would wait on the cheese - cheese only blocks a kid up - creates constipation.

    My daughter-in-law and to do this with her 3 daughters. Now, ages 8 and twins at 10, will eat anything. At meals, especially dinner time, they eat their veggies first and then the whatever else is on the plate.

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    Your child will eat what you feed her. If she is hungry and there is a plate of veggies and grilled chicken in front of her...she will eat it. If she is thirsty and there is only water...she will drink it.

    Feeding a child milk and cheese all the time is NOT good for her. Cheese causes constipation and too much milk causes constipation and will block the absorbsion of vitamins and minerals.

    My kids are allergic to milk and cheese. Trust me....kids will survive without it. Feed her good foods. If she does't eat them...then she isn't hungry enough. Don't give up and just give her cheese and milk because you "know" she will eat it. You are responsible for her health...

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    How about chocolate milk? Get her on vitamins and allow her juice 1 time a day and water for everytime she's thirsty. My little one (now 5yrs old) use to eat everything (even chicken off the bone) but he wouldn't drink milk, as a baby he was real colic so I gave him soy formula at 5 months and colic was over. Maybe this is just her way of saying it hurts her tummy. Slowly but surely I had to incorporate milk products in our meals he's ok with it now. He'll choose a chocolate milk for lunch. But he's definitely not a milk/cheese person. I didn't like milk as I was growing up I hated the gooey aftertaste of milk, still due. I drink soymilk I think my little one has my taste buds... Just start the vitamins... Sometimes the vitamins increase or changes their appetite, it worked for my picky niece.

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    Well ya could look at it this way its a good think she is atleast eating dairy products but i had the same problem with my daughter and i asked my health nurse about it and she told me to try putting cheese on here food all the time and that seem to work. But every child is different so good luck and i hope i could help out a little.

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    i kind of agree with the first answer but will add children cry for all sorts of reasons. let her cry and be tough at three she can still get her way by crying ,think how this will be when she is ten or 14.

    being tough is not easy for you or her, but in the long run you will see the logic in it.


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