Can anyone tell me the symptoms of the food recall problem?

We recently switched our dogs from Iams dry food (not on list) to Blue Buffalo dry food (also as of right now not on list) because one was getting food allergies....and well long story short it is better food. Anyways one got very bad diarea (sp?) yesterday we found when we got home, that had some blood in it. Now I know that if he ate something he shouldn't have like plastic or part of a toy or something and can be scrapping up his intestines but still pass and be fine. ( This happened to one of our other dogs) But he has thrown up twice, just stomache fluid as we did not feed him last night. We had leftover medicine that stops the diarea that our vet said we could use when they have it and it stopped. I am just wondering if I should be concerned and get him to a vet ASAP or if it is more one of those things dogs just get a little sick every now and then

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    Lethargy, frequent urination, increase water consumption...

    Likely just due to switching the food.. Dogs will sometimes show a bit of blood in their stool when they are stressed.. A small amount of blood isn't always a concern, but if it continues more than a day or so, it could signify something more serious than stress or hemorrhoids...

    Could even be impacted or infected anal glands..

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    Any time there is blood present in your dogs stool it should be a concern. You may have switched his food over to fast. That can cause the diarrhea. If you dont see a real improvement then a call to your vets is in order.

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    blood on the stool? have your dog check coz as far as i know if there is blood in it, it could be a disease.. not the food..

    about food switching ur dog will have intestinal problems.. that is why you have to switch it little by little..

    about the recall food i believe most of the symptoms based on the one i read online is vomitting, not eating and dog not very active..

    hope ur dog will feel better soon

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