Look, I'm totally in favor of immigration reform, but I have a question?

Why are Republicans who normally say the government doesn't have the right to tell corporations what to do with their money suddenly on the bandwagon for telling them they can't loan money, sell goods and services or provide housing to illegal immigrants?

Perhaps the government should stay within the government's power and tighten up the immigration process, rather than infringing on the rights of a corporation to make money?

You can't have a double standard. You either allow corporations to be financially autonomous or you don't.

(And for the record, I'm in favor of taking away as many rights from illegals as possible. I'm just continually stunned by hypocrisy.)


Actually, box, I stated my position very clearly, which is that the government ought to be doing its job to keep illegals OUT of this country, not wasting time and money taking away the rights of corporations in this country to make money. It's the government's fault the illegals are here. Not the corporations. And if right-wingers don't want corporations to have to conform to governmental standards, that should be clear across the board, not just as long as the right wing agrees with what they're doing with their money.

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    Good on ya! Its amazing how many people jump on the bandwagon to vilify the illegals, but they are reticent to blame the government for not patrolling the borders and protecting the country. There wouldn't be an immigration problem if the government was doing its job. And the amnesty discussion? Thats only come about because it is the easiest and fastest way to solve the problem that has been created. It would be too costly, time consuming and difficult to round up the illegals and send them back...so why not just grant them residency?

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    As a US citizen I have had the experiences of marrying a canadian citizen and visiting the poorest parts of mexico also. After seeing the conditions that the mexican people go through, I cannot in my heart blame them for wanting to run. The problem we are trying to solve here is not whether they should come over the border or not. It is all a matter of how. My husband has spent 6 years of his life and well over 5,000$ to come into this country legally. His residence interview and his citizenship interview have been pushed back from the normal wait times while the government tries to accomodate those who are here illegally. On top of that the fees have increased over 300% from before 9/11. That does not include the attorney's fees. On top of that My husband is a skilled laborer and could easily get a good construction job. But in the US he can't. Why? He is an immigrant (and an italian-looking one at that). Apparently, any person who is an immigrant is not worth what his skills and experience profess. He is an immigrant. Company's have over-looked him, passed him over, or blatantly offered him less money than his counter-parts. He is legal, but that does not matter. He is a hard worker with skills, but that does not matter. All they see is immigrant. Apparently Canada's labor force has no skill in the US Employers eyes. Can I blame the illegals for that? YES! Why hire a legal when there are illegals just across the train tracks who will do it for half the cost? But on the other hand 'half cost' to an illegal is sometimes big bucks in comparisan to where they came from. This debate has lobbyists in the fray for monetary gains only. Don't be fooled. At the same time, what does the legal process do for weeding out the good from the bad immigrants. If I am not mistaken, the terrorists were "legal". What is congress's answer to that? Higher fees and longer wait times? Give me a break. So how do we fix something that is not working on either side? Scrap it and start over. Illegals would be more inclined to cross over to the legal side if the fees were not so high, the wait times for being able to work and make a living were not so long. Illegals would be more inclined to cross over to the legal side if there were not any profit savy companies around to employ, abuse, and under-pay them. It is these companies that keep them coming. Punish them for starters. Force them to retro-pay for all the cheap labor they employ or employed. Use that retro-pay to fund tightening the border and building a system that keeps track of everyone who comes across our borders, whether by plane, train, boat, car, horseback, or foot. Document everyone without recourse. Then sort out the bad from good apples. You commit a crime, you get sent back to whatever spit of land you came from whether the crime is small or large. The legal immigrants have decent jobs. The higher wages give our economy a boost. Companies who make practice of abusing and under-paying illegals will be punished severly and should be put out of business. Those who want to enter the USA will have no choice but to get documented to get a job. Where there is no water, there is no fish. And Immigrants should not have to fear the government deporting them for any reason, but they should fear and respect the law.

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    THIS ISN'T HYPOCRISY! Looks to me like YOU'RE being hypocritical here. You want to take away illegals' rights, but yet, you don't mind if companies provide a santuary for them? I'm fine with whatever they do with their money, except when they try to keep illegals here, or hire them, because that would be unfair to companies who don't and obey the law.

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    hahaha Great point. It is insane to declare a war and almost invite anyone who can walk to enter the country.

    Our immigration system is a joke and we will all pay for it dearly.

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