I've never had this before...?

This morning before getting into the shower I was giving myself a breast check...all the sudden a droplet that was milky-white came from my left nipple...I think it came out with the pressure I was applying. I whiped it away and tried to see if it would happen again. There was no more, and there was nothing from the other one.

I'm 23 but have never expierence this before. What is this a sign of? Is this normal?

Thanks in advance for you advice! :)

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    Some women experience a clear to milky color discharge from their breasts right before the start of their monthly cycle or at the beginning of their menstrual period. This type of discharge is not unusual. It may also be noticed after sexual stimulation or when women begin taking estrogen supplements (this can include birth control pills). Some medications also cause some women to experience breast discharge. An occasional small amount of discharge from both breasts is not abnormal. However, if this discharge continues throughout the month, comes from only one breast or has any evidence of blood, contact your physician. It is possible that due to being in the shower, you didn't notice any from the other breast.

    Prior to having children I was on ortho novum 777, a tri cyclen pill. I had the same thing, and was assured by the doctor that nothing was wrong, it's a natural occurance.

  • This can happen when someone has an increase in hormones. It can also happen in men who are overweight.

    It started happening to me at 15 weeks of pregnancy, but during pregnancy it's called colostrum. A sticky yellow or clear liquid that is high in immunities and protein, the perfect food for a newborn baby.

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    Are you pregnant? If so it's normal. It's just your body preparing for the big day. If not it sometimes occurs when your hormones are unbalanced. It's breast milk. It really is a natural process your body is designed to perform, so don't worry about it. Interestingly enough, when little girls are born, they often have small amounts of milk in their breast from the hormonal changes during birth. Boys can even have it after birth as well.

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    Pretty sure this is fairly normal... when you stimulate your nipple it can cause some milk to come out.... BUT ... Id rather be safe than sorry, and call your doctor.

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    this is not normal and should be reported to a doctor asap,are you on the pill ?if so it could be that ,but it could be something more serious and so it needs checking

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    If you are pregnant - then it's normal.

    If not , I would call your doctor and let him/her know.

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