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recheck my answers-statistics?

can someone check these answers to problems that I reworked?

in theory, 19 cases out of 20, the results from such a poll should differ by no more than 1 % point in either direction from that obtained by interviewing all voters”. What is the sample size suggested by this statement?

My answer is 1825

I used the formula: n=1.96^2(p)(q) / E^2 which comes out to 0.182476/.0001=1825

I asked this question before but needed some clarification


135 out of 500 own computers, find 95% confidence interval of the true proportion off all students than own computers

My answer 0.231<p<0.309

I used the form: p^ -E<P<P^+E

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    I think I already answered this question. For the first one use should use p = 0.5, not p = 0.95

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