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KING STALIN BUSH has come up with new invention will you support the invention?

Working feeding device. Once installed the worker will have a jug and tube attacted to there face where liquid protien will supply the worker 24 hours. No need for breaks anymore just a steady suppy of labor.

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    We already have drive thru's.

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    He also has an automatic hate Bush detector & punisher. It scans ANY documentation and automatically discovers any and all Bush haters and it dispatches a metal shoe mounted on an iron leg which has several degrees of force that is automatically set according to the degree of hate. This device shows up at the proper address and immediately provides a swift kick in the @ss. I realize that this device will only get the attention of the more alert haters. Those that are past redemption will be delivered to the battle field in either Iraq or Afghanistan where they will be able to choose the side they wish to fight for.

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    1 decade ago

    What is this supposed to mean? Just whipping a dead horse?

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