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what should a guy wear to make 'em look appealing / sexy??

i mean the clothings, not just the accessories...

helps are appreciated thanks...

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    Clothes that fit your body well. My favorite look is a well fitting polo shirt and skinny boot cut jeans (basically just make sure the jeans hug your thighs well and flare out just a little bit at the bottom). You can get both at American Eagle. they have several different solid colors and stripe choices in sizes from XS to XL.

    I don't really like jewelry on a guy personally. Even those man necklaces made out of leather. I think it's kinda lame.

    Cologne-don't let it overpower. Don't get Axe (save that for the 12 year old boys). Get something subtle and since it's spring, maybe something with a little citrus (Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom for men is awesome). Just put a little on. If you can still smell it on yourself after a half hour, you've put too much on. If you think you've put too much on, put a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and lightly rub away some of the scent.

    Sketchers has a lot of really great shoes. Whether you're going for tennis shoes or nice, leather more grown up shoes, they have 'em. There is also a brand called Bed Stu's which is a spin off of Doc Martins. They have a lot of really great designs too but they're a little more expensive than Sketchers. My favorite designer is always Steve Madden so check him out and see if you like anything he makes.

    Make sure you keep your nails clipped. There's nothing weirder and more of a turn off than a guy with fingernails longer than mine. The way the hands look are a big indication of how much a guy takes care of himself.

    What makes a guy appealing and sexy is when he looks clean and put together (like he takes care of himself) but he needs to look comfortable in his clothes and in his own skin. If a guy is wearing the fad of the moment and it's not his personality, it won't do a thing for him.

    hope this helped!

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    If you are going clubbing? Weir light wash jeans with a white long sleeve nice shirt but only if you are muscluar(ya know hae the whole pecs and 6 pack thhing going on!) Open the top few buttons on your shirt to show off yo pecs A LITTLE!!

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    I like that James Dean Rebel Without a Cause look..... tight jeans, tight white T-shirt, leather jacket, biker boots.

    Fonzie had the same look. Very sexy. And you gotta have that one piece of hair that falls down over the forehead, and the look & attitude to go with it.

    Your avatar has the look.......

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    Well for a club.. on a warm night wear a collar shirt with it buttoned half way down (no hairy chest ok, shave it!) that look s really good, lotsa latin dancers do that at the clubs and it looks GOOD. And wear a silver necklace to top it off.. and pants.. not jeans for this one maybe some dressy pants, like dressy goin-out pants.. ok tis sounds weird im not a stylist ok!

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    Well club attire is: jeans kind of a fade no cargos no rips (some clubs dont let ripped jeans in)...a fitted collared shirt from express (for the above average and my taste a dolce) shoes are pumas or boat shoes no sneakers breitling or undershirt...and a beater

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    something laid back that says I take care'v myself but not w/ too much fuss, normal jeans (not tight not tooo baggy) & a nice button down shirt w/ sneakers/tennis shoes/vans, leave Ur hair how it is after a wash dont fix it let it dry naturally (messy<3 but not tangled) U should smell good =)

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    PLZ don't ever wear tight pants, or leather! It looks gross + weird! Dark jeans, but pull them up! Also maybe a checkered shirt. And do not wear the same clothes every day! Please!

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    thats kind of a funny question.some might think is sexy if you wore a tuxedo.some might think its cute for you to wear a t-shirt with some depends.

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    ehhh there okay but if u took biology u will learn that lip gloss is one of the most infected thing with bacteria

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    Whatever you do don't wear tight pants.

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