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I think I'm becoming fat...?

Please help me!

I think I'm gaining too much weight, my mom has began to comment... I buy new clothes and haven't changed in size, though many cute tops make me look large, causing me to wear jackets.

I want to become with a flat belly, but still enjoy the treat of chocolate...

I eat a healthy breakfast of cereal and milk.

For lunch I eat crackers and sometimes a packet of crisps, other wise chocolate and a diet coke.

For dinner I'll eat something my mom makes; such as spaghetti bolognese and chilli con carne.

I'll snack throughout on mints and candy, and ice cream a while after dinner.

So what is there I'm doing wrong and what else can I do?? I'm becoming desperate!

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    Too things I noticed:

    1. you eat a lot of junk food

    2. you have a unbalanced diet high in starches

    My best advice to you, as you probably are under 18, is not to starve yourself of good food. try this:

    1. eat balanced diet high in veggies- salads, celery, lettuces

    2. Stay away from grains/starches if you can have a fruit or veggie

    3. limit yourself to 2 sticks of diet or sugar free gum a day, same with diet cola.

    4. cut out the snacks, if you must snack, try some veggies and dip or hand ful of nuts.

    Do yourself a favor and remember the food pyramid, it really is a guideline.

    By all means, get exercise!

    Good luck and happy summer clothes shopping!

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    You don't eat a lot, but a large part of what you do eat is junk. I noticed that you have about 1 serve of fruit and veges in one day. Just eat lots of fresh fruit and veges, and don't eat all that junk. Find healthier snacks like natural yoghurt, fruit, unsalted nuts, etc.You should eat properly, you eat barely anything for lunch, just junk.

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    thats exactly it! you just admited it. you snack throughout on mints and candy, ice cream, and chocolate. I am a choco lover to but you need to stop or else you will become "bigger". try eating raw veggies or fruit instead. They can be really good to and they help your health.

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    are you pregnant? I know i am. That means that i am not fat, its all baby. It could be that. i know i eat a ton of food now. like i even get up at 3 in the morning to eat a snack.But it doesnt sound like your over eating or anything so i dont know.

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  • You eat too much junk. Toss that out and eat more vegetables.

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    Just don't eat too much; eat healthy food.

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