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How (Why) is it that illegal aliens have civil rights, let alone the right to sue the LAPD?


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    lol, I agree. By being here illegally (or by committing a crime) I think you forfeit any rights afforded. I am sick of taxpayer dollars going toward B.S. like this!

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    In the United States the U.S. Constitution grants rights to people. Illegal Aliens have some rights, example: to get redress if injured by another, to privacy, to peaceful protest, to a fair investigation and trial if suspected of a crime. Some of the rights that they do not have are generally-based constitutional rights such as the right to vote, the right to personal freedom, the right to freedom of movement. Remember these aliens are suing in a civil court not criminal court. Pretty much anybody can sue some one in the U.S. if it can be proven that one was in fault and there was negligence in the act.

    Source(s): Constitutional Law, Wikipedia
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    You have to look at the state in which this occurred. Ive heard several news casters say that Calif should be fenced off and given back to Mexico. The people out there aren't wrapped to tight anyway. It was much better in the 60's when everyone was on acid. They were much more intelligent.

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    Civil Rights are covered under the umbrella of Human Rights. These rights which are fluid, are intended to afford ANY person certain "rights" of descent and LEGAL treatment. I know you can't see it, but that's a good thing. YOU may need those same courtesies some day when your rights are violated in a LEGAL manner.

    Note, I said nothing about having your sensibilities offended. That's legal !... ;-)


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    You ever heard the phrase "two wrongs don't make a right"?

    And I'd like to think the US is one of the biggest supporters of civil rights these days.

    You'd be better off not focusing your anger on things in which you have no control. All you're going to do is get yourself riled up, and yet, nothing will change.

    Illegal immigrants have 0 impact on your life.

    Politicians are using and manipulating you folks. Nobody gave a single through to illegal immigration until politicians started making it an issue.

    You are political pawns whether you realize it or not.

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    Anyone that is within United States boarders is subject to US laws (and Protections). That includes non-us citizens.

    Non-citizens can be shielded from deportation if involved in certain types on legal action.

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    Because politicians want votes, no matter how wrong those votes are. No person who does anything illegal should be protected, but if I said that publicly, I would be ripped for not being "politically correct"

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    politicians cannot get votes from illegals as far as I know... I dont think that they should have the right to... please explain the case that you are talking about..

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    That's the best question I've heard yet..

    I don't have an answer for you, sorry.

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    They might not be Americans, but they're still human!

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