Why does she do so?

What does it mean if a girl that I likes suddenly kind of stopped replying to my text message sometimes. Like today, my first message was like a rhetorical question to ask if she attended a class today (which I know she didn't) and she didn't reply. I then after 40 minutes text her again to offer her notes on the lesson and she replied after 15 minutes she replied. And the next text message she replied in less than 5 minutes.

But, previous Sunday she replied to all my text messages, sometimes which are unnecessary, like an 'Oh'.

What does she signal? I have told her my feeling last year but she said she just wanna be friends. I've been nice to her though, I just don't have the gut to talk to her in person and always acted as if I do not know her.. i know I am bad..

Why does she do so? Any possible positive signal?

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    1 decade ago
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    about the text messages... she was probably not at the desk... and didnt notice them or probably was busy...

    and about u being a bad boy.... wayyyy to far from being bad my man....

    and sweety

    she won't ever give u a chance if u guys dont do things together... ask her out.. show her what a great person u r... she won't get to know weverything about u over text messages... u can't raellly do anything when u rely on text messages.. show her what makes u u... go out with her... as frineds.. and see where things go.. u nevver now... she might later on want u guys 2 be a lil more than just friends!!!

    but of course... that wont ever happen if u only talk to her online.. u have to show her the reall u!!!!

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    Girls usually tend to get tired or irritated to the guy who text them always,especially whent the girl knew you had a feelings towards them..and when you asked questions that probably kinda obvious or you knew the answers..

    Text her just even once a day, or let her miss your by not texting her in a day.. Girls are so confusing! and always changing in mood.... Sometimes they like it, sometimes they don't.--------- trust me,'coz Im a GIRL who does the same thing, its bothering sometimes when we recieve tons of texts,..(whether we have feelings or not)

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    maybe she was in the bathroom. . .

    seriously, don't try to read something into everything. sometime my husband doesn't get txt for an hour or so. i looked at his phone once b/c i didn't believe that he didn't get it and the time said he was telling the truth. (he wouldn't know how to make it look like that if he was lying). just be her friend. be real. if it happens it happens. if it doesn't, there's a reason.

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    Dont want to make you upset, but it sounds like shes not into you. I know I would get kinda annoyed if someone text me over and over. Im not trying to be mean so dont get mad plz=P...maybe you should try playing hard to get with her. Like dont text her until she texts you. See what happens there...good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    dont work yourself up over such a thing there could be tons of reasons why she cant respond to your messages promptly.

    take it easy.

  • 1 decade ago

    she tinks ur ashamed of her, so if i was her, i wud also ignore u. come, get up the courage 2 b friends wid her.

  • 1 decade ago

    probably she was not in the mood play it cool

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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