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Whom do you vote for?

We have 2 kids. Teaching them at home & helping for home works is my wife's job. She says, it should be my job. But I say it is mother's responsibility.

Whats in your home?

Mother's Responsibility?


Father's Responsibility?

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    Are you working? Is she working?

    If she isn't working, I'd say it's more her job, but you should still help out when you can, esp. with stuff like homework.

    If you're both working, then it's 50/50. Any other way, someone's going to have resentment.

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    I think the mother and the father should take equal responsibility in raising the children. Therefore, rather than a "mother's responsibility" or "father's responsibility", it should be a joint effort with shared responsibility for EVERYTHING.

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    It should be a shared responsibility... Taking care of kids needs to be done by both parents and not divided up like some awful chore equal to mowing the lawn or doing the dishes...

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    It should be split evenly. It's never particularily a mother's job or a father's job. Switch it up, maybe while she's cooking dinner, you could help your kids with their homework. And maybe a few nights a week, you do the cooking and she can help with the homework. That's just an example but I think you get the picture. Hope this helps!!!


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    You are both parents so you are both responsible. If one is better, academically, then the other than that parent should be the one primarily in charge of education & homework, but you both should help out.

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    It takes two to have children. Take some responsibility instead of being so lazy & making crap excuses.

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    its a mutal thing that should be split. neither should put that huge responsibilty on the other. thats not fair to either 1 of you teaching children is a huge & tiresome job

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    Try sharing responsibility bud, or your next question will be, "Why did she leave me?"

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    its the mamas fault if the kids can't read.....its the daddys fault if the kid can't read cause theres no lights in the house

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