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how do make sure feral mother cat doesn't move her newborn kittens?

one of my outside cats just had kittens and i dont want her to move them away. any good ideas?

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    Cats routinely move them so you may not be able to prevent it. They often move them when about 3 weeks old. If you keep mom well fed (pregnant or nursing cats need about double the usual amount of food each day), she'll probably stay close by. Don't leave out food too near where she keeps the babies, as it can draw dogs or other predators & shel'll know that & may move them. You may be able to help her if you provide a box or plastic storage container lined w/towels; cut a small hole in the top or side just big enough for mom & put it in a quiet, darkish location where she'll feel safe, inside a shed, garage, porch or outbuilding, or something like that. They also feel safer if they are off the ground, so if you have a spare table, put it on that. Also, talk to her & make her feel welcome there & she may come to trust you & eventually let you pet her. Sometimes they keep the babies well hidden until they are 7 or 8 weeks old. If you can catch them (you may need a trap) & get them inside or into a cage where you can handle & play wih them, you can tame them at that age, but the longer they go without social interaction with a human, the harder it is to tame them. Check w/Alley Cat Allies online, they may be able to suggest free or low cost spay & vaccine assistance in your area I volunteer w/a feral rescue organization in NC. We loan traps & hold a free spay clinic once a month on a Sunday. Also, for a $25.00 fee, our local SPCA will spay & provide a rabies through the week & do it for free on some Saturdays.(cats must be brought in a trap, as they are anesthesized for surgery through the trap, then treated, then put back in the trap to recover - that way no one gets bitten handling them.) Our group & some others even provide early spay/neuter to kittens starting when they are about 6-8 weeks old. Thanks for helping mom & babies. Ferals are God's creatures & need care too!

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    Just leave them alone. I had a feral cat give birth in my garage. I put a cat box out there so she wouldn't defecate all over and put some fresh food and water out everyday. Eventually she would take off and leave the kittens behind so I could check them out and play with them. Every time I went into the garage to change everything she would run out. They got big enough and she left them there to explore the rest of the world. So frankly the best advice is just let them be for a while.

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    moving kittens is undemanding, and he or she properly-knownshows a gap that she feels is suitable for them. And the spot she feels suitable isn't continuously the spot you're able to be able to think of is suitable. as long as you will discover the place they're, it quite is the main necessary difficulty. you could attempt to attraction to her by making use of making some form of a nest with towels or blankets in a cardboard container, yet she could or won't settle for it. confident, all mothers want a harm. furnish her with kitten chow for the extra advantageous energy, and save her needs close handy (clutter container, water, and so forth.) feels like she is coping with issues properly. As a stray, that is probable not her first clutter, and out of doorways, she probable had to circulate them a lot to guard her kittens from predators. She is persevering with the practice.

  • its simple dont mess with them or she will move them every time when they real little my cat moved her kittens from every room and into every closet be4 i got the pic lol

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    Just leave the kittens be. If she feels they are safe and won't be interferd with where they are, she shouldn't move them.

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    i know this sound mean but i would put her in a cage and let he out for an hour or so a day but keep an eye on her.

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