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i need immediate help from all home decorators and FX designers!?

as u all noe that there was a movie in 1997 called BATMAN AND ROBIN,rite..and we all noe that there was a character known as POISON IVY.she had this awesome place where she lived in,every where there were plants and vines and flowers nd a pond with lillies.

i want to make my room like that-EXACTLY LIKE THAT.

so if anyone has ideas on how i can do that (only with artificial plants)...please give me ideas on how to make my room like that-alll green nd woody nd with a small pond.oh also please tell me how to make that flower like chair poisonivy sat on..


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    Never saw the movie but your description is good to go on. First you can get a grass green carpet, have it split fused with a tan sand carpet for a trail through your room. Then paint the walls a nice cream base color. Then if you can find pictures of trees you like and take them to a copier store that specializes in blowing them up to life-size, put fake plants all over your room, pots, hanging, table size and have then sprouting through out your room. With the furniture get fake ivy and wind it together in a continuous rope and dec the whole room with it winding and sprouting of in different directions.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

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    I remember the movie but barely. I had a few ideas pop into my head while readding your post. If you could get ALOT!!! of that green plant foam you see florists use at walmat. And cover you entire walls with it using mayby liqid nail or hot glue. And buy artifical vines and flowers at walmart or hobby lobby. And cover your walls with ivy and flowers. As for the chair well I can't remember it but you can pretty much make anything out of fabric and wood. I wish I could help you further. best of luck.....

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