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Why do people seem to be hard-wired to prefer the taste of foods that are lower in nutritional value?

For example, a child will prefer to eat a cheeseburger over a plate of spinach. Wouldn't it make more sense for the body to crave foods that are healthier over foods that are harmful?

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    For our entire evolutionary history, starvation was the risk, not heart disease or type 2 diabetes.

    A cheeseburger is packed with protein, fats (which we need), vitamins, calcium, and plenty of calories for energy. If you are underweight and haven't eaten all day, a cheeseburger is much better then spinach!

    Out taste buds evolved to handle different problems then what we now face.

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    This is no mistake but a well thought out business shrewd move.

    ask the science researchers behind the fast food /soda/confections industry They have researched for a long time how to addict kids and adults to their food- High fructose corn syrup is one besides the aforementioned MSG. It i s called "sugar on crack" becasue of theintense sweet it gives that also rasies blood sugar dramatically and more quickly than sugar-causing a quick drop and then cravings for more sweet and more calories in general are eaten thereafter. Cinnabon has researched how the scent of cinnamon has a known factor to get their customers quickly craving the fat laden pastries.(are they still in business?)That and other factors.. the slick advertising gets kids esp and us in the mood for those items. There are other studies showing if kids are given a variety they will eventually balance it all out but that's before they've been totally brainwashed by the over exposure to the bad junk foods I imagine. A huge problem we will now be paying for in years of human sufferring and medical ans social costs-kids and more adults with type 2 diabetes obesity heart disease stroke...etc

    Yeah yeah Yeah we can all just say "no" and eat right- that'll be real easy now.

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    Simply the preservatives that are added to them as well as the commercial advertisments. You never see commercials of children eating healthy snacks. I am going through that right now with my daughter...trying to convince her that healthy snacks taste good and are good for her.

    Television completely utterly brainwashes are children, then they wonder why childhood obesity and diabetes is at and alarming rise. The US goverment is not helping, every commerical I see on my daughters T.V. channel is all about fruit snacks, doritos, and some other junk. Thank goodness it is warmer out now and she doesn't watch T.V. very often anymore. However, then you have the ice cream trucks, and the billboard advertisment, I think the FDA needs to get together with the FCC and start putting a ban or limit on the types of brainwashing commercials that are toxing our childrens mind. At the pace we are going, thin is going to be a thing of the past and diabetes is going to be a natural thing!

    SaD But true...

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    Soybeans- particularly low cal, relatively nutritious and plant based. FIbre, supplements, sparkling nutrients, is going down sparkling and would not stay interior too long. Tofu is a element of this dazzling nutrients. consume it as much as you could, with what you're doing interior your self precise now. It provides relatively some nutrients. it is ordinary to consume, digest etc. Lentils- volume clever, those are extremely sturdy. diverse iron and supplements and protein yet no longer too many cals, and no fat in any respect ( perhaps < a million%) Orange, yellow or purple dal- comparable as lentils. Pumpkin- an orange fruit ( definite, fruit) with very few energy, crammed with beta carotene, fibre and dazzling supplements. consume the exterior too. the wonderful pumpkin squash to consume for nutriton and loopy quantities of supplements is the Kabocha squahs- the darkest green, ugliest, knoblly one that has a coarse green scabby pores and skin. It sounds gross, yet bake or boil it- do no longer peel the exterior off, and it is so sturdy for oyu, low cal, and not often any fat in any respect. COconut, avocado, banana. now and returned even a nutrients with larger cal won't make you fat, considering you desire the oil in it to gloss your hair, pores and skin and nails. the quantity of restructuring your physique needs to do, makes use of up a ton of oil. so which you will consume those, additionally, walnuts, pecans, almonds, and not get fatter, or larger- yet you will see extra sparkling pores and skin, sparkling eyes and shinier hair. Oatmeal- it is fairly sturdy to your physique, no longer plenty fat in any respect. relatively some supplements, iron and fibre and proteins. Raisins, dates, figs= those have iron in abundance, which your blood needs, to make your self look extra healthy wihout being larger- the iron makes your blood thicker, and provides a much better complexion, nicer hair, pores and skin, ability, yet those meals haven't any fat in any respect, and extremely some fibre, additionally they save you finished.

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    Don't you just love how all the best tasteing foods are also the worst ones for you nutritionally?

    Personally, I think it proves there's a God out there with an ironic sense of humor....I guess it's supposed to help us all build character.

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    people want delicious foods, that's it. when a food is delicious and healthy, it's usually very expensive while delicious foods that are unhealthy are usually cheap. that's the reason. i mean, notice that healthy, organic, natural foods are all so expensive, who can afford to eat those foods on a regular basis?

  • MSG. Monosodium Glutamates. It's the "taste-good" ingredient.

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    Mmmm! Donuts!!

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