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What do I do about badly distributed fat?

Technically slightly underweight at 45 kg, but still have fat around thighs, butt and gut - basically everywhere below my waist, except maybe my feet. What exercises are good for this? I already eat healthy.

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    If you are under weight and still are carrying fat, that means you have very little muscle. I suggest that you start lifting weights, build up some strength, muscle, etc and this should also offset the fat. Remember that it takes six pounds of muscle to take up the same volume as one pound of fat. This means you can replace one pound of fat with six pounds of muscle and not change the size of your body significantly except that you will look and feel a lot better.

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    Are you full height, or growing? You didn't mention your height.

    A couple thoughts:

    A- I'm suspicious that you've got a crazy idea about what your body should look like. Women are supposed to have some fat on their butt and thighs. Hot women. Do you have any idea what your body fat percentage is? You shouldn't be aiming for zero.

    B - assuming you really do have more fat then you want, build some muscle. More muscle will allow you to burn more calories, and lose some fat. Specific exercises are sort of pointless, you can't 'target' fat loss. Your body puts it where it wants it, and takes it off from where it wants it. Not necessarily in the same order either, don't be surprised by that.

    C- it doesn't spot reduce the fat there, but toning up your abs does tighten up the stomach. A gut won't vanish, but ... well, look at how you look when you tense your abs (not suck in, tense). You'll look more like that if you tone your abs up with situps/crunches.

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