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Types of make-up??

Other than make-up you buy at stores like cover girl, loreal, revlon, clinque, etc., what type are out there?? I know there is mary kay, bare essentials, sheer cover, avon. Name some other good make-ups please!!

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    There are tons of different make-up and cosmetics lines "out there". The best way to find a line of make-up and cosmetics that you might like would be to perform a search using terms that are important to you.

    For example, if you have a tight budget try doing a search using the following terms (without the quotes) "makeup discount color" and you should find sites like

    I like this site because their products are priced at $1.00 (usually) and are not quite full sized products but are bigger than the trial/sample sizes. This way you won't feel "stuck" with something you got that just didn't turn out the way you wanted (hey, it was only $1.00) they also have a full set of make up brushes, nail polish, eye lashes, tweezers, bronzing powder and so much more.

    Good luck!!!

    Source(s): personal experience, Clinique counter manager for 3 years
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    I love MAC for their variety of eyeshadow colors and the quality of their makeup.

    I have also used Lancome and Clinique. They sometimes have "gift time" where if you spend over $25, you get a free gift which includes several of their most popular products.

    I have recently discovered Smashbox, which I also like.

    Check out Sephora's website. They have dozens of brands of makeup and it's fun to look at!

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