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Fighters who were avoided?

From any weight class and any part of boxing's history can you name fighters who were just ducked or avoided? I mean fighters who were never given title shots or just all around avoided because of their style of fighting?

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    The usual suspects: Charley Burley, Holman Williams, Lloyd Marshall, Jimmy Bivins, Eddie Booker. Archie Moore didn't get a shot until he was an old man. Ezzard Charles never got a light-heavy shot either.

    Hagler was avoided on his way up the ranks, but once he became champ people obviously wanted their shot. Bob Foster couldn't get a shot for years. Even when he was champ people didn't want him. I remember in an interview where Mike Rossman stated "All of us contenders wanted a title shot, but none of us really wanted to fight Foster." He was that scary.

    Sonny Liston's difficulty in getting fighters to face him early in his career is well documented. In fact it's reported that he carried Johnny Summerlin in order to not scare away potential opponents.

    Dempsey didn't really avoid Greb. Even Harry admitted to writer Hype Igoe that he was too small to go a full 15 rounds with Jack and come out alive. He thought he could beat Dempsey in a 6 rounder, though.

    All that said, Sam Langford is by far the most ducked fighter in history. Jack Johnson avoided him when he became champ. Jack Dempsey avoided him. Billy Papke avoided him. Frank Klaus avoided him. All the light-heavy champs avoided him. Even the great Harry Greb- who feared no fighter black or white and faced them all- was asked if he would ever fight old Sam. Harry laughed and responded "Do you want me to commit suicide?" This coming from a man who fought Gene Tunney 5 times as well as many top heavyweights! For Harry Greb to say something like that should tell you what kind of regard Langford was held in by his peers.

    The only person who seemed possibly willing to give Sam a title go was gutsy middleweight champ Stanley Ketchel, but he got murdered before it could take place.

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    Good question sir! The first name that comes to mind for me is Charley Burley. He often had to fight much bigger fighters such as Ezzard Charles, and Archie Moore and never given an opportunity to fight for the middleweight title his natural weight class. Jack Johnson never gave Sam Langford a shot at his title who was well deserving. Many black fighters before Joe Louis never received title opportunities due to prejudice in the sport. Harry Wills had signed to fight champion Jack Dempsey but that fell through mysteriopusly. Sugar Ray Leonard ducked Aaron Pryor in the amateurs and again in the pros even after Pryor publicly challenged him. Hugo Corro didn't want no part of Marvin Hagler who would have been his next challenge had he defeated Vito Anteofermo as his performance in that fight suggests.

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    Blog I respect most of your posts but I disagree with you about Marvin Hagler being ducked much. He fought many fo the top middleweights of his days, winnign most, losing a few at the beginning of his career, the "draw" with Antuofermo, and his battles with Duran, Hearns, and Mugabi were some of my fondest boxing memories growing up. Sugar Ray at this time fought at 147 and 154 (against Ayub Kalule in July 81) against Wilfred Benitez, Roberto Duran, Tommy Hearns, Floyd Mayweather, and then moved up to fight Marvin in April of 87. You can't blame a guy for capitalizing on an Olympic Gold Medal (Leonard and De La Hoya for example). Marvin was a working man's champion, like you said, toiling for pennies fighting tough fighters in the brutal Philly arenas back in the day. However, he was no pauper. He reigned as world champ after KO'ing Alan Minter for close to 7 years and he, like Floyd Mayweather Jr., just didnt have the personality to attract mainstream sports fans like other fighters who might have made more money. As for someone who was ducked by other fighters, I recall a heavyweight by the name of Chris Byrd who, when he was younger and because of his southpaw style, was avoided like the plague. That is, until he was flattened by Ike Ibeabuchi LOL.

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    Mike McCallum the excellent three weight world champion was ducked by many of the top fighters in his career. He had the sort of style that wasent that exciting to many boxing fans and made him kind of a low profile world champion early on. He fought at a time where there were many great fighters in the light middle/middleweight divisions such as Hearns, Leanard, Nunn, Duran, Benn etc none of them seemed to want to fight him.

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    John "the Beast" Mugambi was given 250.000.00$ by Tommy Hearns, just to step aside. A quarter mil to not fight the guy sounds like the most expensive duck in the history of boxing to me. Then he ran into Marvin Hagler, who ducked no one, and the rest was history.

    All of boxing ducked and avoided Marvin his whole career, and while Ray was making Coke commercials and living the life of a superstar, Marvin was toiling away for pennies. Eventually Marvin beat everyone out there, and forced his way in, but it was years of obscurity prior to the Minter fight before boxing recognized Marvin's ability.

    Southpaw with KO power in either hand, a chin of granite and the heart of true champion, with a chip on his shoulder. Nobody wanted Hagler, he was that good.

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    Sam Langford, the Boston Tar Baby (181-34-33)....he fought from light weight all the way to heavyweight beating top fighters but never getting a true title shot. When Langford retired he was 43-years-old and blind. Sad he wasn't given his due.

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    Charley Burley and Gustav Scholz. Both would have won at least a part of Middleweight title today, but to my knowledge, never won the World Middleweight crown in their respective eras.

    Harry Greb was supposedly ducked by Jack Dempsey, when Dempsey was the Heavyweight champ. Dempsey lost his title to Gene Tunney, who Greb beat in 1922 (Tunney then subsequently beat Greb twice in 1923, drew with him in 1924, and beat Greb again in 1925.)

    Harry Wills - fought Sam Langford often enough, but never got a crack at Jack Johnson when he was champion, which was down to the colour of Wills' skin (Johnson avoided the somewhat prickly issue of accomodating black challengers when he was champion. I suspect pressure was put on Johnson to face white fighters, in order for the Heavyweight title to be "restored" to the "white race."

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    Zora Folley was ranked for 10 years and no one would fight him until Ali. By then he was past his prime. This is a throw back to Patterson who avoided all of the ranked fighters, once fighting the Olympic Champ in his first pro fight. Liston was avoided, and so was Cleveland Williams.

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    I wouldnt say he "avoids" black combatants. Weight is likewise an argument i think of besides. I wouldnt say he individually avoids any combatants himself yet I form of hear what you announcing approximately him scuffling with stable "speedy" combatants like mosley or mayweather. additionally human beings talk approximately him scuffling with the proper , at the instant the way I see it he has fought 2 vast names that would generate the main money out of any obtainable fights. in no way the proper 2 adult adult males available , of course mosley is greater effective than the two and continually has been and at the instant miguel cotto is greater effective than hatton or a modern oscar besides. nonetheless i think i might might desire to categorise manny as great yet human beings supply him a sprint too a lot compliment and any talk of staggering 10 maximum excellent boxers ever which im seeing is nonsense. i think of manny is amazingly beatable via the splendid fighter, varieties make fights and him vs mayweather or mosley he might probable not final the full 12 rounds. seem at manny vs marquez fights , yet another great fighter gave manny all he could guard for 2 fights that would have long previous the two way. Now putting him up against somebody like mayweather who's amazingly comparable to marquez in basic terms larger , swifter and greater polished I might desire to flow with mayweather. some issues human beings dont see the two is that oscar didnt even come to combat that night for even if the reason became into so its tricky to grant him an excellent deal of credit for that win, and with hatton nicely I supply him credit for it he destroyed him yet we could face the data hatton isnt that stable at the start he's purely stressful and has an excellent form of heart and power. He additionally doesnt have a lot protection he's in basic terms a megastar because of the fact of his fan base and how he fights. expertise clever he doesnt come on the edge of an excellent form of alternative adult adult males available from his time.

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