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What features would you put in a car?

If you could build your own car, (aside from the engine details), what features would you put in it?

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    a/c, power windows and locks, remote start, intermittent wipers, vent for air from the outside, wipers that heat up to deice the windshield, headlights that automatically dim for oncoming cars, seat heat (back seat available too), speaker phone, dvd player, lower lip on the trunk for easier loading, Great mileage, hydraulics lowering the car to ease climbing in and out.

    I should stop listing there.

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    I don't need a lot of fancy stuff, so I'd opt for standard transmission, I'd like a back-up camera, and a good way to see the blind spots you have in most cars, GPS, and very comfortable seats ( a personal thing ), a good sound system, but not the 1000 watts ( I love my hearing ). sport package for good handling and I like the supercharger (not turbo) on my present car. For green reasons I think steam could be a good option, the first auto to reach 100 mph was powered by steam.

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    MP3 Player

    XM Radio


    Hands Free Cellular Phone

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    1. navigation system to determine location, traffic, and detect police. 2. tevelision 3. super-duper sound system 3. sattalite radio. 4. hands free phone service 5. accessible computer via voice control 6. automatic freshener 7. protective shield around the vehicle to prevent people from hitting your doors, bumpers, etc. 8. automatic system to advise when your tires need air, or to alert you of other mechanical repairs or adjustments.

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    Bluetooth, Navigation, Sunroofs, Headlights that go where the car steers (like the BMW's), Voice activation for certian things like the radio or navigation, and electrical plugs, all over the place, oh and cup holders too!

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    A good MP3 enabled sound system!

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    coffee maker and auto pilot

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    fuel gage

    youll need it.

  • A BOOTY WARMER!!! :)

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