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Why can't we punish dogs or cats physically anymore? They don't respond well to "time outs".

In case any of you flowers out there get offended , I only mean a little bit like a kick or a spanking here and there.

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  • tom l
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    Dogs don't understand punishment in the same way we do so most of the time punishment of any sort is a waste of time. Time out being a complete waste of time unless done properly. Most of the time the only advantage of a time out is giving yourself a chance to cool off.

    The most common mistake with animals is to tell them what NOT to do without telling what TO do instead. They just don't understand. So instead of telling your dog to "get down" when it jumps up on you, tell it to "sit". That way, to the dog, your command is a positive instead of a negative.

    In advanced training we often use a method called "indirect pressure" where instead of making a correction on the command not followed we will make the correction on a command that is obeyed. For example when a dog takes an improper cast, instead of making a correction on the cast we will tell the dog ''sit, then correction, sit" and then recast. Where this form of correcting would make no sense at all to a person, it makes perfect sense to a dog.

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  • Demon
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    The problem with using physical punishment, especially with dogs is that gets them into one of two mindsets:

    a) You're scary and I don't want to be around you.

    b) Whoever's biggest and toughest is in charge.

    The first is problematic becuase you want your dog to come to you and pay attention to you, not run away every time you come close. The second can cause real problems, because the dog could either become more agressive in an attempt to take over as leader or decide that anything smaller and weaker than the dor is something he can dominate (like another pet or a small child.)

    I agree that time-outs don't work wiht every animal because they have different personalities. Some will knuckle under at the slightest correction, others need a lot more discipline. Anything physical should be the very last resort, after verbal correction, leash correction, spray bottle, and of course, formal training. I wouldn't say there's never going to be a situation where on the spur of the moment you might strike and animal and have that be your best or only option. But since it essentially teaches that agression is a useful tool for getting your way, it should be extremely rare.

  • Debi
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    Nothing wrong with a slap when it's needed to be quick and to the point.

    Personally I think "time out" is too hard for them to understand very well and too drawn out - punishments need to be practically instant to get the message across

    The best is get hold of the scruff and give it a tugging ( like momma used to do)

    Most of the time "Bad dog" gets the reaction you want anyway.

    Beating up on animals is a whole different matter and the only time I ever kicked a dog it was trying to kill mine and there's no way I was getting any closer.

  • Anonymous
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    Dogs and cats are not too disimilar to children. Usually a harsh tone is enough to get your point accross, unless you are constently yelling at them, in which case they become numb to your scoldings. The idea that "timeout" doesn't work with animals is ridiculous. My dog only goes in the cage when he's done something bad, so he knows that is why he is in there...and you can see the look of shame on his face when he gets locked up.

    Like my children, I only "spank" my dog, when they do something that is a danger to themselves or another person/animal. That way, they know that they've done something REALLY bad. They have to know that the consequences are comensurate with what they've done. They don't get spanked for every little thing....only the bad stuff.

    Also, if you do spank your pets, you have to be sure that they know why your doing it. Basically you have to catch them in the act. Spanking doesn't necessarily have to be painful either. A normal swat on the butt, combined with a stern tone should be enough to simply "hurt their feelings".

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    Well dogs are pack animals and follow by instinct the alpha dog(which hopefully is you). Dogs dont hit each other to discipline the lower ranking dogs. They use forms of intimidation and also will hold the dogs neck in their mouth(not biting, no blood) and hold them down and stand over them. And yes actually dogs do respond to time outs, but its their form of a time out. If a lower ranking dog acts up and is strongly disciplined by the alpha the other dogs in the pack will ignore him until the alpha lets them know its ok to accept him again.

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    ACK! A kick! I might give a lil swat on the haunch now and again, but they want praise, love and treats. Dogs will do ANYTHING for your attention and to please you. That's the glory of a dog!!! Go to the pet store and buy a treat bag. Keep it attached to your belt or right handy. Anytime they do good things, give them a little one. I use Pet Botanicals Training Rewards from Pet Smart. It's like $9.95 for a bag of about 550 treats! My dogs go NUTS for them. Every time they do well, I give them one. Before you know it, you'll have them "eating out of your hand." ;-) This way, they won't be afraid of you and you'll find they adore you. Everyone wins.

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    A Little bit of a Kick or a Spanking!!

    I'll ignore that and give you some advice, ignore the bad behaviour, and praise the good behaviour.

    Works wonders!!

    I'm not a flower.

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    Ha, when I got Sidney (mastiff), he demanded attention from guests and got quite nasty about it. I used a "time-out" cage, it was s o funny but sad. The little twerp would nip people, so in he went and he would literally take a fit. The second he calmed down, out he came. The poor little guy was so naughty. He has grown to a lovely dog and to this day if he is acting up (2 yrs old) I will say, "wanna go into the naughty boy pen" and he sucks up to me. Like I tortured the poor thing. Once he was napping on the porch, 3months old, and an acorn fell and hit him on the butt.

    Once he figured out what woke him up, he flipped out on the acorn. It is fun to watch there personalities develop.

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    Besides the fact that what you suggest is cruel and inhumane (how would YOU respond to kicking or spanking?) you can accomplish exactly what you want if you will only spend time and train your dog properly. Dogs are very happy when they please their master. However, they have to know the "rules." Sign up for an obedience class. It'll do both of you good.

  • Yo LO!
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    Kicking it is going a little far, but nothing wrong with a spanking or smack on the nose!

    "Flowers" as you called them, are 100% of the group on here that ask "Why is my dog doing this?" or "Why won't he listen"

    Source(s): I opened a can of whoopass on my puppy just last night for digging a hole in the lawn (He's infactuated by worms right now....). I made my point and he came and sat on my lap afterwards for love, so wasn't "Scarred for life" by the punishment.
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