my firefox web browser is always shaking although none other is?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Try the following steps and check,

    If you got bookmarks toolbar enabled, but there's nothing on it, then just hide the toolbar or add an item to it.To hide the bookmark toolbar ,click on View -> Toolbars. Here uncheck bookmark toolbar.

    Also it could be that you placed the bookmark toolbar items onto your menu bar or navigation toolbar for instance. Right click toolbar, click on customize , now drag the items that belong to the bookmark toolbar from the menu bar or navigation toolbar to the customize toolbar window and click Done. Now open the same window and put out the items in the toolbar back again and check.

    If you installed a new theme recently, and your browser's been acting up only since then. Then its time for say goodbye to the new theme and bring back the default one by clicking on Tools -> Add-ons > themes > Select default theme and click 'use theme'... A nasty extension could also be the culprit here.

  • rssays
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    1 decade ago
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