How can you republicans claim you DESERVE to have a chance at presidency AGAIN in 08?

The republicans have REALLY F*cked up this country. Lets start from George HW Bush. He created the largest deficiet ever. We then got the greatest president not on mount rushmore, Bill Clinton, and he got us a SURPLUS; the first one since andrew Jackson! Then, during his presidency, Newt Gingrich (may he burn in hell) wanted to make clinton look bad because he vetoed thier tax laws that would redig the deficiet. THEN Newt (may he burn in hell) had the republicans NOT pass a renewal on the budget, so the USA government SHUT DOWN! So Newt (May he burn in hell) was forced to leave as speaker of the house. Then the republicans shut down the white house for 2 years for the lewinsky scandal. CLinton lied about his private life, but HOW does that matter? He could govern and was honest about that? Just shows how desperately pathetic the red party is. CONTINUED...


Then, we have bush. Cheated in 2000 and 2004, got us into Vietnam 2, failed with hurricane katrina, beat his DAD in the record deficiet, and refuses to compromise with anything on Iraq unless he gets another blank check. His administration has been filled with lies, failure, and incompetence. We swore after 9/11 to kill Osama Bin laden. I support (as do other Dems, like hillary) going into afganistan. But now why, do we have SADAM, and NOT OSAMA!? Is that not a colossal failure!? He LIED about being “sure” sadam had WMD’s. We didn’t find them. He then said we needed to “liberate” Iraq. Things have only gotten worse. He STOOD with a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED sign! Why the F*ck are we STILL there, then!? And NOW you republicans think, after 17 years of republicans screwing over the country, you should get ANOTHER chance!? WHY THE HELL DO YOU DESERVE IT!?!?!?!?!?!

Now, lets take a look at policy. America is supposed to be a country of rights and freedom. CONTINUED...

Update 2:

The republicans want to limit CHOICE in abortion. Many unwanted pregnancies occur in poor uneducated people. Are these not the same people being hurt by republican tax cuts? You bring them in the world and don’t support them? Next is gay rights. WHY do YOU care what gay people do!? How does it affect you? And don’t say your protecting “marriage”! If THAT were true, WTF is wrong with civil union!? And stem cells? Why cant we use UNWANTED embryos (which are just cell clusters!!!!) to heal PEOPLE?! And Iraq’s failure is obvious, so I wont return to that. You republicans cause deficiet and limit rights, plus you FAIL! Why the Hell should YOU get 08!?

Update 3:

Im not saying all republicans are bad, though, just the ones running for pres. They are all evil and have terrible views except ron paul. I like him but his elimination of income tax would dig the worst deficiet EVER. So im not saying all Republicans suck, just the ones running.

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    1 decade ago
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    They dont. They are conceeded asses.

  • 1 decade ago

    OK, first let me agree that George W. Bush is the worst president since Nixon, and the two of them are clearly the worst in my lifetime (although Lyndon Johnson was right up there).

    However, that doesn't mean that ALL Republicans are evil, any more than it suggests that ALL Democrats are icons of fiscal restraint. In recent history, Democrat-controlled Congresses have a terrible record of over-spending and creating massive deficits. The Clinton era was better, but a large part of that resulted from the restraint that Newt Gingrich and the Congress showed at that time. Frankly, I think there's a great advantage to having a different party in Congress than the President, because the disagreement serves as a deterrant to overspending.

    By the way, it is horrific for you to damn people to hell, regardless of how you feel about their politics. I'm no great fan of Newt Gingrich either, but I know he'd be better than the current president, and better than John Kerry would have been too. Not passing budgets is one way that the spending was kept under control. If you could see past your partisan bias, you'd realize that.

    Finally, if you've ever lived in a one-party state, you'd realize how dangerous it is to have the Democrats control everything. You'll be amazed how much corruption will develop and how little care will be paid to real solutions. Divided government is a good thing.

    Yes, we're all thrilled that it is the end of the Bush regime. But get some perspective. Otherwise, you'll be living under a new which never bothered to dismantle all the centralized powers this government gained for the presidency.

    Meanwhile, please stop insulting people who you don't agree with. There's nothing to be gained from invective.

    Finally, you need to be aware that not everyone who is registered as a Republican believes in what the president is doing. Don't attack us if we try to regain control of our party from these neo-con loons. We're trying to make a change, just like you are. But if you're so closed-minded that you can't even speak to someone, just because they have a "R" by their name, then you're really worthless to the cause of change. I'm supporting real change WITHIN the Republican party. If we can't get that, then perhaps I won't be voting Republican in the general election. But until we get to that point, it is premature to condemn all Republicans. Are you aware that many Democrats have voted to support the President, while many Republicans have voted NOT to? So, try to be a little more circumspect in your criticism.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Listen you idiot.. Bill clinton was not a good president, you know what he gets all the credit for what the republicans did. If you noticed when bill clinton was elected the republicans took over the house and the senate.... they had enought votes to override all his vetos.. he is only getting credit for what the republicans did.. The only reason why this country is in debt is because of the war, and i dont know if you noticed but terrorist attacks are going on all over the world.. luckily they can't get to us because we invaded their homeland, and after the war is over we will get out of debt, and it will probably a democrat president, or maybe a republican, but if a republican does something good then u guys don't recognize it.. just like clinton who lived off the republican house. if bush had republican support for the last 2 years this war would have been over by now, but no the democrats keep trying to take funds away, so if you are talking about a slaughter, after you take away funds there will be a slaughter...

    oh and by the way, the democrats have ****** up this country starting with roosevelt.... ssi and welfare... he was a good president, but started crappy programs...

  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    No, i don't think that they do. This usa is obviously waiting for a regime exchange, and the Republicans have not performed something to alter that majority opinion. They proceed making excuses for the stink of corruption coming from the White domicile, and that they don't look to be even giving the previous college attempt to concentration in this warfare. while September comes and the surge nevertheless isn't working, will those Republicans who gave Bush word stick to their weapons and oppose him? regardless of in the event that they do, that's probably too little too previous due. Bush is set to maintain this warfare going and hand it off to the subsequent President. He has effectively handed the election to the Democrats by ability of doing that. This usa isn't likely obtainable the keys to the chicken domicile to yet yet another Republican fox to repair the 1st fox's errors. suited now the Repubs are falling into an emotional puddle of thankfulness that Fred Thompson is going to run. what's humorous is that i've got seen numerous human beings say "even the Democrats like him.? WHAT? Thompson is so some distance suited wing that he's going to stress each and all of the Independents suited over to the Democratic occasion and extra verify a victory for the Democrats. maximum of them do not even know the 1st element approximately his platform and that they are nevertheless creaming their denims. are you able to declare Desperation? i theory ya ought to...

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  • 1 decade ago

    AMEN DUDE!!!! I read your post and wanted to stand and applaud. Very impressive.

    I agree 10 fold. Well said!!

    The answer to your question, however, is simple: THEY DONT DESERVE IT. This country is ****** 8 ways to Sunday, and it will take a straight-shooting, no B/S, real MAN (Democrat) like Bill Clinton to come in and fix it.. Again..

    Reaganomics/GHW was a MESS with a War that was eventually fixed by a strong-minded, intelligent Democrat.. Now, GW is the biggest mess of all (no coincidence that there is ANOTHER FREAKING WAR) -- And once again - A strong Democrat will have to come in and fix it.. It's as consistnat as Gravity.

    Memo to Al Gore: Come back and TAKE BACK what was stolen from you, Mr. President. Come fix our laughing-stock country. Please.

  • 1 decade ago

    They figured they have not run the country into the ground enough.

    They are trying to harken back to a time when the stock market was going great guns while the rest of the country was starting to falter then it hit the wall of the Great Depression.

    The country had had 3 Republican Presidents back to back and what an unmitigated disaster that turned out to be.




  • 1 decade ago

    Speaking of Clinton's surplus, didn't the government shut down because Clinton wanted to add more spending while Congress did not?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You have no idea as to what you are spouting. It would be a good idea to grow up, learn facts, learn to spell and write a sentence, and realize that Bill was almost our very worst president.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Lets talk about all the new Senate seats that will be won. Now thats checkmate.

  • 1 decade ago

    Wow well i agree with you, i think like you in the USA we feel the same here in the UK about the labour goverment, its time for change surely. Hopefully whichever 2 goverments are in next term (USA and UK) they make a better go at being liked by the rest of the world and concentrate more on their own countries issues.

  • Joe M
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    1 decade ago

    Republicans aren't really noted for thinking logically.

    In their minds, they are the only ones who know what is best for this country and it's citizens.

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