What are the punishments for parents who don't pay their child support? Are they effective?

Is there things we can do different? I am also looking to find expert opinions on this subject.

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    I am not exactly an expert but my hubby pays child support for two kids. He is a few months behind and has to go tocourt for it next week. ALso my mother owed me back child support until i was almost 20. They gave her chance after chance to pay it. Finally theyput jailtime over her head and gave her so long to pay and if she didn't she would have to do jail time. She paid it though. The courts let it go so much but it all depends on how the recipient of the child support pushes it. If they are always calling and complaining to the case worker then the court pushes it. if they don't the courts let it go so long. Myhubby's ex filed a contempt against him and that is why the courts in our County filed another court date. This is onlyhis second court date. His first was when the ruling for the amonunt monthly. which was almost three years ago. You can call a lawyer or leagal aid in your area. 1-800-589-5888 to get your local number.

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    Hi, my dad didn't pay child support when he buggered off a couple of months before I was born.

    I harboured a lot of anger and resentment towards my dad. He wasn't around, I only met him when I was 25 yo. Generally they don't feel guilt, they just detach themselves emotionally and physically.

    I don't think there should be any child support anyway. I think that the government should promote mandatory male and female contraceptive implants, and people should have to pay for the ability to be fertile and have children or at least pass a test. The world is grossly overpopulated with poverty stricken people draining resources for those people who want to be contributors to society. Your parent who isn't paying child support, probably can't afford it anyway. Just live your life in ways that will not promote these things from happening, by that I mean, if you are a girl, don't get pregnant to anyone until after you are married, or if you are a bloke, then don't get a girl pregnant until after you are married... and not only married, but emotionally and financially stable enough to have children... one of the main reasons that marriages break up is money, approximate figures are ... 50% of all marriages end in divorce, and 80% of those divorces are because of money troubles, that makes 40% of all marriages end because of money troubles.

    Also account for the human need to procreate (reproduce/mate/have children) both parents should have some responsibility, but it is often the female who tries to get pregnant, while the male is usually trying to avoid it. Why should the male be held accountable for a child if the woman is on the pill and chooses to deceive the man and she gets herself pregnant?

  • The punishment is usually jail time, but one can't support a child while in jail, so a new solution is in order in my opinion.

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    These vary state to state. You have to look up each states laws. Many states jail people for non-pmt., do liens on property, bank accounts, place stops on business and professional licenses, suspend driver's license, garnish wages, intercept taxes and insurance settlements.

    Source(s): former child support enforcement agent, 25 yrs. experience
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    rThey take away there business license first then there driver's license then they put there butts in jail.

    I think that for those that don't pay they shouldn't go to jail they should be forced to work at anyplace a case worked assigns them.

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