how do u get into myspace from ur school?

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    Goto this site on school

    And unblock u r proxy

  • Hey kid, here is a website that used to let me on myspace at school, until the stupid people blocked off all the proxies!!! UGH!!! I hate those people with a passion. But anyway, here's some proxies. Try'em out. And if there are any GOOD ONES you have, send them to my address at cause I really need them.

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    Why didn't you use the Search for Questions search window above. There are a bunch of other kids who've asked this question already and all you have to do is read THEIR answers!

    Just remember ...

    When you go to myspace from school:

    It's illegal

    You will be caught and disciplined

    You are CHEATING YOURSELF because you won't learn what knowledge your teacher is teaching, so you will cheat yourself out of income you could earn by being better educated.

    You are cheating your teacher and your classmates as well.


    What a waste... you can do that from home.

    If you want to have a happy adult life, you need to be able to earn a good living and people who choose to be dumb by not paying attention in school, will earn less income and have less in life.

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    You'll need to find a 'proxy' site. There are tons of them on the web, but I'm only going to tell you that much.

    You shouldn't need to go onto MySpace at school/work/etc. If you have a really good reason, then talk to your IT person, and maybe they'll temporarily unblock it for you.


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  • 1 decade ago

    You can't get on myspace at school. EVERY proxy is blocked.

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    you don't use myspace while ur in a good girl!

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    ask tom on myspace

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    go on google type in (myspace proxy) without the perenthesis go to the second page. Click on school hammer. when it comes up click on the hammer.

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    1 decade ago

    You'll want to use a website like , , , or . All of these have school-friendly URLs and designs to help prevent against filters. Best of all, these are brand new and very fast. :)

    Give them a try, and hopefully, they will work out for you!

  • 1 decade ago

    Use circumventors.

    ((It's not just vtunnel. Switch the 'v' with any letter in the alphabet.))

    Go to

    Then subscribe to the mailing list, and they'll mail you new circumventor sites every day.

    It's great!

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