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Can someone explain me several terms that i don't exactly understand?

What is maternal shock?

What's loss of fetal station?

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    I'm assuming maternal shock would be any kind of shock, but especially hypovolaemic shock - This is the most common type of shock and based on insufficient circulating volume of blood. Its primary cause is loss of blood from the circulation from either an internal or external source. An internal source may be haemorrhage. External causes may include extensive bleeding, high output fistulae (an injury to an organ) or severe burns. If the mom were to haemorrhage during childbirth, then she might go into this kind of shock. Also, if she were to suffer any kind of injury, this could also bring on shock.

    Fetal station refers to the presentation of the baby during childbirth. Delivery presentation describes the way the fetus is positioned to come down the birth canal for delivery. The presentation is defined by fetal attitude, the presenting part (head first or breech), and maternal and fetal landmarks (like the pelvic arch, cervix, etc). Once the baby passes each landmark, they are said the be at a different station, or stage of delivery. Loss of station means that the baby was at one point of delivery, but because the mom moved or stood up, or because of complications, the baby was pulled back into an earlier station.

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    To my understanding maternal shock is trauma during pregnancy, whether it be a fall, abuse or violence, accidental injury, blunt trauma, penatrating trauma

    Loss of fetal station, i think is loss or change in the heart rate.

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