How do I handle a boss that is out to get me?

I have a boss who apparently doesn't like me as an employee. She is nice outside of work stuff but is so entirely knit-picky with everything I do at work. She actually pulled me into her office to tell me she didn't like the way I walked around the office suite. She said I stomped too much or something. Anyway, she is always criticizing my work when my operations manager says everything is just fine. I only work with 3 people in total so there are only a few of us to choose and she has choosen me to be her punching bag. How do I handle this situation without getting fired?

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    maybe your annoying

    What else has she nit piked?

    Do you concentrate on doing your job, or are you talking, gossiping, doing your nails, etc?

    Regardless, she is your boss, so you will have to find some way to get along with her, or quit.

    She has the power to fire you.

    If she is a poor manager, she will not last forever

    It may be because you are prettier than her. Politically correct or not I have seen this many times. Try dressing plainly, if you think this might be the case.

    You can try going over her head, which could make things better or worse. Depends on her relationship with her boss.

    Really no way to know,

    obviously what your currently doing isn't working

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    Be honest and talk to her about it. Be diplomatic ,tell her you feel she is picking apart your work, and ask what you can do to improve the situation. Do not be confrontational just let her know how you feel.

    Try not to use the phrase, "You make me feel...", try "I feel..." "You make me feel..." can be taken as you blaming her, and people tend to get defensive, and you don't want that.

    If it is personal thing, then point out the fact that not everyone in the world can be friends, but that does not mean they can't be civil to get the job done. As your job is important to you, assure her you are doing your best, and are open to suggestions to improve, but criticizing you all the time is stressing you and makes your job all the more difficult when you're always worrying over her reaction.

    Most people are actually quite reasonable if you speak with civility and respect. Heck, some people don't even realize what they are doing, or how they affect others. It might open her eyes to her behaviour.

    Good Luck.

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    I think that you need to sit down and discuss your complaints with her. As a manager myself I wouldn't know what you are thinking. Be rational through out the conversation. She may want you to look better or what ever since her office is a reflection of her and if her bosses see a person not cheerful, your boss may be getting a rear chewing from some one else...

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    To handle a boss who is out to get you, the first and lasting solution is to get her first if you can but ensure you succeed; soldier tactics - eh!

    Otherwise meet with her and ensure you draw corrections from every criticism of hers; she better has, you must let her understand while remaining less visible. Ask her opinion of your ideas even when you will still submit to her. some people are like that.

    Better still, get another job.

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    It doesn't sound like she is doing anything illegal, just obnoxious, but this is clearly making your work life miserable, and that, in of itself, is intolerable. What is her boss like? If he or she seems like a fair person, I would suggest sitting down with your direct supervisor, explaining your issues, and telling her that your next step will be to go to that person and discuss these issues. This gives her a chance to fix things without being embarassed, but also puts her on notice you are going to take action.

    Source(s): (I spent over 25 years as an employment lawyer and head of HR for a multi-national corporation (before becoming a pirate).
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    There are two ways.

    One whenever she talks bad about you , have a smile and look straight at her. Keep the smile whenever you see her. (I did that to my Boss who is such a irritating character he used to loose his balance and I used to show his mistakes, smilingly.)

    The second is to tell her it is none of her business to criticize on personal behavior and she has every right to find fault in official matter. This will put her down.

    Third. find another job.

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    i had the same problem with a boss before

    he refuse to by software license and i refuse to try to bypass it

    he call me in his office and ask me if i was worth the money he was paying me and i replied i was going to ask you the same thing.

    He ask me to resign i said no, i do my job

    he ended up getting fired

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