Is it wrong for women to have gay encounters?

I know its a double standard but just because its not ok for men to do it, does that mean that women as well should not have gay relations? After all gay is just a perversion, but it just isn't as disgusting to see women in that role. Does anyone else think that women should be allowed to even though its wrong for a man?


Fact: Gay males are MOST likely to contract HIV and other deadly STD's.

Fact: Gay males are more likely to lose control of their bowels.

Fact: It takes a male and a female to produce offspring

Nobody is shoving hetero down anyones throats. It's like pollution saying that people are shoving fresh air down its throat, the air has always been there it's the pollution the man has disgraced it with.

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    thats true! they even use strap ons on each other.................. but they have to deal with yeast infections

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    Who says its not "ok" for men to have homosexual encounters?

    Are you refering to the "Christian Bible?"

    Because there are NO LAWS against it in MY Country.

    I'm assuming that by your expression of disgust over which gender you would prefer seeing in a homosexual relationship that you must be female.

    Well darlin, all I can say is if you don't LIKE gays and/or lesbians....DON'T WATCH!

    ALSO: You're a FINE one to talk about what's right and what's wrong!!

    I found THIS previous posting of YOURS!


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    You are what is known as a pervert. It is ok for you to say what you do because in your mind you like the idea of two women together, and you want to be there watching. That's all it is. That's why you are saying it is ok for women to have sex together and it's not ok for men.

    got news for you, it's just as ok for men to have sex together as it is for women. You are just a bigot with a perversion. If it's not right for men it should not be right for women, or if it's right for women, it should be right for men. Yes, as you said, it's a double standard, and double standards just don't work.

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    who told u it's wrong?? it's not wrong... what is wrong of 2 people from same sex loving each other?? or would u rather they hate each other and killed each other?? is that what is right for u?

    people who think is wrong is because they have no life and try to get busy by gosipping and thinking they are god to decide what's right or wrong.... if u don't feel attracted to men.... that's ur life.. but if 2 other men feel attracted to each other... THAT'S NONE OF UR BUSINESS!!! let them be!!!

    and by the way... u r blinded by society's hypocrisism... guys, most guys.. think it's really hot to watch a couple of lesbians in action... they would even love to join!!!.. however, even tho times have changed, this is still a man dominated world... but honestly, i know quite a few women who LOOOOVE watching guys actions!!!!! they rather watch gay porn over straight porn.... don't be a fool, and let people live the way they feel they would be happy.. same way homosexuals don't tell u u cant be with women... don't tell homosexuals they cant be with men!!!

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    Well but it's not wrong for a man, hasn't been for a long time, you must be living in a weird place if they still pull out that old myth that gay is bad in anyone.

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    It's not a matter of who should allow who to do what. This isn't even an issue worth discussing.

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    Who are you to decide what's wrong and what's right for anyone? People do not make this choice,they are born this way.. Get enlightened

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    Well I'm going to keep having sexual encounters with this girl until I don't want her anymore. I'm allowed to do what I want. I'm in charge of my own life!

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    is not wrong for a man and man to be togather and its not wrong for women to be togather!!!!!

    and NO ONE can tell us its allowed!!!!!!

    we just love the same sex thats all

    we go to work, pay bills, have pets, WE CAN HAVE kids, we can buy a house and we can believe in god!

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    Silly little boy.

    Does Mummy know you are using the internet to annoy grown-ups?


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