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Need an answer! My Ex got remarried and they live in his wife house and they plan to sell their house. Can I?

but a lean on that house if he owes me over $ 30, 000.00 in back support? I'm just trying to see if that is possilbe. Thanks for all your answers! : }

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  • Mark
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    If the house is in his wife's name, you will not be able to get a lien on it. If the house is in both names jointly, there may be a chance, depending on the law of the state where the property is located.

    There is a website which briefly discusses support liens, and you might want to review it:

    If you live in Pennsylvania, title search companies are required to do a search of state support liens. Here is a general link to the Pennsylvania page:

    A link is provided in the left side of the page. One must be a "registered user" to be able to search.

    **Note: there are some links below that you may want to use to see about information about child support links in general. Then, you can become more specific. Depending on what state you live in, you may be able to do a "Google" search on "support lien" and "[name of state you live in]"

    It would be easier for you to get a good answer by calling a local attorney.

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    Well very good question. I guess I would need to know if you live in a "COMMUNITY PROPERTY" state. If you do, then the day they got married, it became joint property, whether or not his name is on the title or not, and you are entitled to get your back child support. I would check with your case worker who is working on the back child support. They can file a lean if you are entitled to it.

    Good Luck

  • tk
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    He has remarried. If the house is only in her name, likely no. But the money will travel to the bank. If the money hits a joint bank account, you can get it. You need to go to the court. Have the authorities work with you to seize your cash after it is deposited in the bank in ajoint account. You can take ALL that is owed out of the joint without worry about it being a joint marriage asset.

  • Anonymous
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    I don't think so because it isn't his house if she bought it before they were married. Now, after the sell you could keep up with MLS listings to see when it gets removed from the available home listings and then sue him. You know he will have the money.

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  • wizjp
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    Contact children's services; they should automatically have applied a child support lien as soon as his arrerage hit a certain point.

    Call em today and have them get it on record. HOWEVER: if it's HER house and his name isn't on it, you haven't got anything to lien. His property only.

  • Anonymous
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    NO, you understand that work no.

    Most likely the house belongs to the new wife and not him. Sure ly he is not stupid enough to put his name on it so you can get it.

    They most likely want to get far from you.

  • Joe M
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    I would say yes.

    But you should definitely check with a lawyer.

    Depending on the terms of your divorce you might be screwed.

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    Dont sell your house unless you have some where to go, you alredy have the down pay ment on another hous ,or unless you have the money period.Just because he sells his house don't sell yours let him be dumb not you.

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  • Sane
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    If he is on the deed its quite possible. If its still in her name only, no.

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