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strange period...?

ok. so on my last period i was bleeding like heck. like super heavy. this time, i got it like 2 days ago and it was like spotting, but a few days before that i had some brown discharge. today when i woke up i went to the bathroom and there was like brown thick wasn't late or anything, just weird. is this normal? i'm 12 and i got my period last september. I AM NOT PREGNANT!


mimi: i know, but some people do.

annnd. this time i haven't had any cramp, unlike the couple times before. lol for a while i thought my period would be regular because my last few periods were kind of the same but i guess not!

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    Your body just hasn't sorted itself out yet. You will have all sorts of weird periods before your body finds it's rhythm. As I understand it, the colour of the discharge is caused by how long the fluid has taken to come out. It often starts out pinkish and thin (mainly clear secretion with a pink stain from the first bit of blood to be released) then turns red which is an indication that the flow is pretty quick while brown just means that it's been a while since it left the uterus and it's moving slowly. Usually brown is a little smellier too.

    I wouldn't be too worried, these things happen.

    If you get really bad pain, a foul smell or it worries you then see a doctor. Don't take risks with your health it's just not worth it.

    And no, I never thought you were pregnant.

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    It can be a long time before a period settles down (even as much as a year) and will be the same pretty much every time, however if you are worried see a doctor.

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    You will have very erratic periods for the first year or so. This is completely normal. It takes over a year for your period to settle in to a routine.

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    It's normal. The brown discharge is old blood. Blood turns brown when it's not fresh.

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