Christians? Is someone who does nothing but post rude and hypocritical statements here on YA, a good...?

Representation of your faith? Out of curiosity, I was wondering what other Christians thought about the person on here ( Leanne/Leanne M/Rapture 2007/ & currently, Can't Stand Wiccans) that does nothing but viciously attack all that she does not know. I have known a lot of people from different backgrounds in my life, and have to say that most people, of many different religions, are very respectful of each other and can have a decent debate/conversation in regards to their beliefs. I have also run into people such as Leanne, that call themselves devout, yet seem to be completely spiteful of anyone who has a different belief, and I was just curious as to what other Christians may think about this type of behavior in regards to it being representative of their religion.


To all answering this question, I just want to state that I am in no way against the Christian relgion, or any other for that matter. As someone who has been attacked more then once for my beliefs, I just wanted your opions, and I appreciate your input. =)

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    While I agree with the sentiment, I can't help but also observe that many people come here to bash Christians, and when a Christian bashes back, we get a "Oh, how Christian of you" type of response from the initial basher. It seems somewhat disingenuous...(not you specifically, just speaking generally here)

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    First of all, not all Christians are like that. Second, people who do that just create more stereotypes about Christians. Its immature, and its doesn't represent anything that we as a "religion" stand for. Its in no way a good representation of our faith, and it just makes people hate us even more than they already do. I will admit, there are some Christians that even I know who are super mean. But its kind of like saying (sorry, but to use a stereotype) all Muslims are terrorists. Its something everyone thinks, but a lot of Muslims are good people. So, just because theres some real Christian jerks on Y!A, don't let that put you off to Christianity in a whole. Its a good "religion" with good people. Sorry about my answer being so long.

    *edit* I totally agree with Beta, people do tend to bash us.

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    And you know this person is a Christian how?

    The thing about a forum such as this is that is 100% anonymous.

    Just because someone claims to be a Christian here, doesn't mean that they are.

    There is a user here that uses the name "Pope" and his questions and answers are so far from being Catholic it isn't even funny. Should I believe that he is the Pope? What about the person here that uses the name "Squirrel"? Is he/she really a squirrel that knows how to think and type?

    I haven't seen the person you are talking about, so I really can't answer to this person specifically.

  • Ray M
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    No, they are not being a good example of a Christian. While we are called to point out errors that we see others committing, (and worshipping what we see as a pagan/wrong religion would be something to point out as wrong), it is also our duty to treat others as we would like to be treated. This means that in the process of pointing out what we see as wrong, we should do so in a respectful/caring maner.

    There will always be those that claim to be Christians and have views that are radically different from the mainstream, either in thought or action. example:

    Tell you what, if you assume the idiots aren't true representations of us, we'll assume that the generic broad generalizations of us by members of YA (such as Dogbreath M above might be) are not good examples of non-Christians.

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    I have not seen what this person has said or done. But anybody who will stand against sin I am proud of. I don't know the way they went about it. It might could have been handled differently.

    We Christians should always show love.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    How dare you not place me on that list? I try pretty freaking hard to be as rude and obnoxious as possible, AND I DON'T EVEN MAKE THE "A" LIST? I'm going to go and have a semi-nuclear existential breakdown, now. I'll be back in a while.

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    I'm not Christian but it does make me sad. As a just really really pisses me off.

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    They sound like pretty typical christians to me

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