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how to update the database of spy ware doctor?

how to update the database of spyware doctor

Question Details: i have spyware doctor on my 5 computer but a good internet connection is avaliable on only one computer and i update the data base regurally of spyware doctor on that computer is any way that i can update other computer's database of spyware doctor using internet at taking update file from my updated data base computer's spyware doctor

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    I am not sure, but I don't think Spyware Doctor supports that feature. In some software like AVG and AdAware, you can actually download the update files into your computer and then update the program from those files. So, check if Spyware Doctor offers this feature or not. If yes, then download the update files (they will be available at http://pctools.com/ if SD supports the feature) to the computer with net connection. Then take them to the other computers with CD, floppy or whatever. After that, open SD in those computers and update them from those files. I can understand that this will be really tiring work, but it's probably the only way out.

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