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Does HE likes me or is he Playing me?

so this guy works with me, he's couple of years younger than me, and in lower position. he is nice, and he's kind of popular there, works hard, just got "Employee of the Month". he seems to like me, he try to ask me out one time, and i said "we'll see when we get a chance" older women seems to like him and some girl always yells his name all the time. he also told me once that he likes me, told me i look cute. he now trys to text me. and trying to ask me to call him sometimes. and when i show him to interest, he dosnt' it, like he plays hard to get, and he dosn't talk to me, and that bothers me so i have to start a conversation with him. and when i play hard to get, seems like he feels the same. how do i know for sure that he's not into getting into my pants and really has feelings for me. and what if i'm not interested in him like that, just want to be friends then what do I do?

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    first of all it sounds like he has an attraction for older women.

    now that's said and out of the way, take age out of the equation, and remembering that you work at the same place and you are of higher position at your work.

    do you like him enough to date, if not just be as honest with this young man about your feelings, if he doesn't understand or is not willing to accept the way you feel toward him, then there is always the sexual harassment threat.

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    dear dr is nothing wrong been friend w someone younger than u r but it all depends on ao u want d friendship/relationship 2 b.U need not play hard 2 get if u like him,or may b u r just been freaking about d way pple admire d guy.Let him b n see if he comes back 2 u.Moreso who knows whats on d guy's mind.

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    u need to call him asap. and tell him u love him, cuz he does love u

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