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recurring dream?

Okay, when I was younger I was in a bad car acident with my dad, I broke both my legs, and to this day it pains after walking or standing for a long period of time. Lets just say by the end of the day, I need tons of pills. Anyway awhile ago, my girlfriend of a year decided to go on a break, and I'm still unure if she wants to be with me still or not. But to the dream-- I'm in the car with my dad when the 18 wheeler hits us, and then God comes to me and I say to him "Just kill me" that's when he says "I am killing you" and then I wake up. I've dremt this almost every night for 3 weeks now. What does it mean, and how do I get it to stop?

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    Ohhh this one is a alot to take in. Basically, you just have to accept what has happened to you. there's nothing you really can do if you keep letting it bug you. sure it sucks, but life happens (I'm sorry about your accident). as for your girlfriend, yeah I'm sorry about that, but if she's going to play games and what not, don't worry about it, there's plenty out there.

    if your dream bugs you that much, maybe go talk to someone (other than some random person on the computer) about it to see if there is some subconscious reason.

    Maybe you should also talk to father, he might be going through something as well. What happened to him in the car accident, he maybe has some difficulties going through this as well. It's usually good to talk to family about the difficulties your going through in life. Hope that helps and good luck

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    I have a routine dream. I might have it four to five instances every week for over two decades. I now simplest have it three or four instances a yr. Always the equal dream. A village of folks, approximately 60 of them, all females and youngsters, and all mutilated horribly on the grounds that a North Vietnamese soldier observed an American sweet bar wrapper at the floor. I can't retailer any of them, they're all lifeless. Then a giant explosion and there are piles of lifeless laying throughout me. That's whilst I get up and uncover that it isn't only a dream, however a reminiscence.

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    Your dad symbolizes some mistake you think you are responsbile for. Dreaming of words like "killing you or just kill me" symbolizes guilt conscience.

    Anyway, you may have this guilt conscience because you were with your dad when you were young. That pops up when it comes to relationship. So, the decision to break up with your girl friend may be due to guilt conscience. And somehow your subconscious mind finds your dad as symbol in your dream.

    You vent out your guilt conscience in dream

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    this is a dream of anxiety. you feel like a greater force in life is against you, and the accident you have had has been unavoidable, out of your control and ultimately tragic. you need to find ways to achieve control in your life. take up a task that you have always wanted to do which you may suceed in to build up your self-esteem again! you've been given a second chance in life so use it as best as you can. hope this helps! your nightmares should go away once you deal with the anxiety in this way.

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    i believe you think God hurt you in the wreck, it maybe your

    way of explaning why it happened. God doesnt do that to

    us. i have had a dream kinda like yours that lasted 2 weeks

    i am sure it will pass

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    To stop this dream, you have to stop thinking suicidal thoughts.

    Long lasting ideas will mold behaviour, opinions, mood, bodily changes and subconscious thoughts.

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    I think your girlfriend "taking a break" triggered feelings of sadness or insecurity in you.

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