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Does it insult a guy?

Does it insult a guy when he holds out his arms for a hug and a girl shakes her head no? LOL I did that anout 3 months ago and things have been a little strange between us two. How do I fix it if I did insult him. I like him and the problem was I just didn't feel comfortable hugging him. But yet I can hug toher guys! I am 15 he is 17.

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    Hmmm, i like you being yourself......

    Don't try to be what you can not be.....

    If you don't like certain things say no........this will create great impression in the eyes of the guy you love/.......

    Bye Bye

    Enjoy your new relationship.........

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    A simple little hug wouldn't have hurt anything. The reason it hurt him is he probably had feeling for you and you turned him down. The next time you see him just give a a hug...

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    getting your gesture of affection turned down is insulting, but for the moment. the insult shouldn't have been carried very long.

    your best course of action is just to be honest with him about your feelings and also some of the boundaries you set as what is acceptable displays of affection

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    Its a very natural thing to do and You might be the kind of girl who have certain boundaries ..If you do like him just tell him that those things makes you feel akward .

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