Are the Christian Gospels a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book?

The ultimate ending of the story is always the same, but the decisions YOU, the reader, make determine:

· Whether jesus will be made to carry his cross the entire time or whether some guy named Simon will carry the cross for a while;

· Where and when someone will anoint jesus, and whether it will be on his head or his feet, and with what spices;

· Whether Judas will take the silver pieces from the priests and buy a field with them, or whether he will return the silver pieces and then hang himself;

· Whether the Last Supper will be a Passover Seder or the night BEFORE Passover;

· How many days jesus will lie in the tomb;

· To whom he will appear afterwards; or

· Who will prevail? Paul or Peter?

And so much more!

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    The funny thing is that these four Gospels were selected out of hundreds of pseudographica that were floating around at the time.

    And these were the four that contradicted each other the least, mostly because at least three of them used the same source material.

    As for the people who claim these are eyewitness accounts.....well, simple is as simple does.

    At least that's whut mah mahmma always tole me.

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    Any basic writing course will tell you the first thing you do is determine your audience and your style. That will determine your perspective, structure and content.

    Matthew: to show that Jesus of Nazareth was the promised Messiah

    Mark: to give order to Peter's teachings: "to leave out nothing that he had heard, and to make no misstatement about it."

    Luke: states his purpose to Theophilus in "1:1-4 that since many others have compiled an "orderly narrative of the events" from the original eyewitnesses, that the author has decided to do likewise", after thorough research of everything from the beginning, so that Theophilus may realize the reliability of the teachings in which he has been instructed."

    John: of the four gospels, John presents the highest christology, implicitly declaring Jesus to be God. The purpose is expressed in the conclusion, 20:30-31: "...these [Miracles of Jesus] are written down so you will come to believe that Jesus is the Anointed, God's son — and by believing this have life in his name."

    So the fact that one Gospel makes a point and another doesn't discuss it does not mean that they are in conflict, and as you note, "The ultimate ending of the story is always the same." Amen.

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    No they are not like those books. Best way to understand the four Gospels accounts is like having multiple eyewitnesses to some major event. Take for instance JFK's assassination. The Secret Service agent on the motorcade, a woman on the side of the street, a young boy on his father's shoulders, and Mrs. Kennedy herself will have four different yet similar memories of the same event from their point of view. In the Gospels you have Matthew, the tax collector, and John, the fisherman as apostles who were there with Him. Luke, the physician, and Mark were later converts who took the accounts of others who were there when Jesus lived. The Gospels give us four accounts of the life of Jesus.

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    1 decade ago

    Wow, you're amazing, I was just reading several news stories about the same event that gave different details and different perspectives, god, you can't trust anyone!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Eye-witness accounts are always like that. Just because accounts vary does not mean the situation didn't happen.

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    no, they are not a chose your own adventure book... they are truth, there is only one truth... there are no choices, unless you chose to believe a lie...

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    1 decade ago

    i miss those books.

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    And your point is?

  • 1 decade ago

    Are you insane?

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