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Prisoner of War?

A great scholar of the 20th century, Syed Abul-Ala Maududi, quotes Ahadith (sayings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him)) on the rights of enemies at war in his book, "Human Rights in Islam."


3. The Prisoner of War Should not be Slain

"No prisoner should be put to the sword"-a very clear and unequivocal instruction given by the Prophet (S).

4. No one Should be Tied to be Killed

"The Prophet has prohibited the killing of anyone who is tied or is in captivity."

(End quote)

If Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) has prohibited the killing of a prisor of war, then taking an innocent person hostage and killing him is even a bigger sin.

Those people who take hostages and torture or kill them, do so against the teachings of Islam. This injunction holds regardless of how evil the enemy is. In the Battle of Uhad, many Muslims' bodies were mutilated, including the body of Prophet's uncle. Prophet never took revenge.


Do any of you think with an open mind, or do you have your minds already made up? If so, why are you here? I'm here to learn about new things, and am open to people of all faiths as my friends can attest. Did free thinking die out?

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    They ask us why dont we speak up against terrorism if we are for peace and when we do this is how they react. Its no use, sister just dont bother with them :(

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    I bear in mind the issue that Muhammad PBUH did to the captives of conflict.. He instructed them that who want to circulate loose has to teach 10 Illetitare Muslims a thank you to study and write. super question and additionally you deserve a action picture star, "Hugs"

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    Islam does not teach terrorism, but rather, speaks against

    such an act of terror; however, it is human nature that, some

    self-claimed muslimeen do not follow the Code and Laws

    of Islam (they are self-claimed because, they think or believe

    they are muslimeen when if fact they are not).

    Muslimeen are not terrorists, terrorists are not muslimeen.

    Those terrorists are nothing but kafirun (infidels) to Islam,

    and may Allah smite their souls.

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    Religion can be used to justify anything a person wants to justify. Anything can be proven in the koran or bible. anything at all.

    Islam is definately used by most of its leaders to promote hate and violence.

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    It amazes me how hard you Islamic people try to persuade others into your foe, You are saying all of these things is against your so called prophet, & yet we are seeing exactly the samething you say that is going on today, & guess what they all claim to be doing it in the name of Islam, shouting God is Great

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    If you're here to learn new things, then ASK A QUESTION FOR GOODNESS' SAKE! This is not Yahoo! Statements, it's Yahoo! Answers. You're supposed to ask actual questions, not just preach and get comments. That's why people are answering you angrily.

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    Muslims don't kill people. Killers kill people. Anyone who kills another human loses all claim to any religion.

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    Of course, no one should ever torture he prisoner of war because it's inhumane.....!

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    That is a rule on wars of country. No problem about it.


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