Do you believe in dragons?

I know I have asked this before but I am curious if there are any changes in the results in the community. Please answer. I believe I have a dragon soul and my soul's name is Ghandric and it is a mutual relationship. To be here and learn. Please answer and then include your opinion. PLEEZ ^.=.^


As in do dragons exist

Update 2:

and do you believe people have dragon souls (no offense taken if you say no i am just curious what the community thinks)

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    I believe that many creatures exist that people are totally unaware of so dragons could.

    They probably live high in mountains or deep in unexplored forests and caves.Possibly even at the bottom of lakes or in the sea.

    I am sure they did in the past and were probably a lot more common then.

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    Dra Dra Dra Dra DRAGONS.

    I love them. How can you just "like" them. I practicly worship them. In my heart i know that they are real they have to be. If they arent then my life is ruined. as for a Dragon's Soul..... Hmm that one im not sure about. I would love to be a Dragon yet i dont know if im worthy.


    Oneof my dreams is to hold a Drakling in my arms. Tiny and cute especialy when they bite your finger. I also think that what "Mythology" shows of them is false. I do believe that they were kind and not at all blood thirsty except when they are hungry and they would just hunt deer. Plus why would a Dragon capture a prinsesse. I would commit suicide if was a Dragon that did that. Now the hoarding thing is resonable. Maby they like shiny things. I like shiny things.... OFF TOPIC!

    *slaps self*

    So over all, Dragons to exist....

    <.< In my book anyway

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    The civilizations that have the strongest beliefs in dragons, like China, seem to be the ones where there are the largest numbers of dinosaur fossils. I think they saw the dinosaur fossils, thought they might still be around, and called them dragons. After all, some of them looked like how we've always seen them portrayed--long thin bodies, some of them winged, and even sometimes as "feathered serpents"--we're finding out that some dragons did have feathers.

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    hehe....dragons. A good folk. I likes em but can't get enough of em. I loves the chinese ones that breath mist. Also, the multi elemental dragons. If your dragon friend has reincarnated into you, it may eithe be from this world or an alternate version (this is deemed possible in buddhism).

    try and find out what ghandric means. I find this topic very interesting and just LOVE dragons. Post more questions after find out some more.

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    well when you ask a question like I say why wouldn't they exist?

    now there was a big lizard that lived a long time ago(almost like a kenodo dragon but bigger.) but after the dinosaurs that was said to be in Australia. this lizard killed allot of early people but in a movie on animal "LOST into the past' or something like that it said that "we" used fire to kill them and set fire to the bush. now other tribes might have had lizards ruining or maby have killed people wile trying to escape the fire and some who saw that linked the fire with the animal.


    Now why might they not exist? they would have lived a long time ago and were killed by the KT event. but the water dragon would have lived.

    now they could have moved on land as said in the site and humans would haved not liked that much. there would have been fight and nobody lived to tell the story so dragons went into myth and legend. sad. but the water dragon could be living at the bottom of the ocean and we have just not found them, there fossils could been lost to Earth's platal movements, or we just have not found them. saddly the fossle found on that show was not real but there were fossils like that that were so that is one of the factors pointing to dragons. and like said the stories were mixed up but dragons still could have lived maby like the priestoric dragon only four limbs.

    keep this all in mind and if you want to talk about e-mail me.

    so having said all that yes I believe dragons once lived.

    one more thing...komodo dragons are monitor lizerds now they may resimble dragons and that could be one of the stories that evalved into dragons but konodo dragons are MONITOR LIZERDS

    and one more thing maby a dragon like the chines one exsisted and stories about it flying came around so other put wings on them. or maby a dragon lived in between dinisours and birds? the hard thing about dragons is that theres so much that leads to them exsisting and not exsisting. the silk road was a rout that stories along with goods were pased and may have been misplaced.

    sorry spell check is not working for me wtf


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    I believe that dragons exist even when i was just a little lad.

    how did you find out about this?

    good for you my liege. Your not the only one in this world who has a dragon soul. many people havent found it out yet.

    And this name, "ghandric", where did you find it?

    sounds so familliar.

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    1 decade ago

    ooh....give me info on this dragon soul of yours and where+how did you reach the conclusion of this dragon soul stuff

    as for me i believe in a dragon/serpent from the bible Satan

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    as the matter of fact, I have a good reason to believe in dragons ; in our town, we have a bridge, which is called dragons' has four big beautiful bronze dragons , two on each end...

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    i stil thin k they exist!! X3

    Flying High In the Clouds

    Swimming in the sea

    in unexplored caves

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, one of my great friends is a Dragon^.=.^

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