How can I tell if oysters are fresh and edible?

Long story short, my husband bought some oysters and left them in the somewhat sealed bag for almost 12 hours before I found out and stored them properly. We don't plan to eat them raw, I plan to cook them through. Is there anyway to tell if they are still safe to eat? It's my understanding that if they are open and don't close when tapped, they are dead. None are open but I'm still wondering.

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    There is a way. There shouldn't be a putrid smell from the oysters. Rather, there should be a fresh sea like smell from the bag. You are right, most oysters are usually tightly closed, but they are dead if they are open and don't close when tapped. But some oysters can also be tricky. Dead oysters are not always open, some can be dead but still be closed. To test this, tap the oyster, if it is dead, it will make a distinct noise similar to a "clacking" sound. Hope this helps.

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    Best way is to check if they are still alive. They should be open when raw but close when they are tapped. When they are cooked they should be open - discard any that are still closed after cooking. Same with all shelled fish! Ideally they should be kept on ice.

    Also, go by smell. If there is no smell or they smell of sea salt they are okay, but anything different or stronger, they are not.

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    Dead Oysters

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    look for pearls and huck them. Seafood is not something that should be risked. If it sat too long the fishy smell and taste will be horrible.

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