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why every man after a while starts to change with his girlfreind or his wife?

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    Both sides change. It is difficult for you to see the change in yourself, as it is for him to see his changes. In both cases it is a relaxation of being guarded for fear of letting someone get to close. This is usually done when trust has been established, between you. Most of the changes work toward a better relationship.

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    Usually, when relationships begin, we are on our best behaviour. After we start to get comfortable, we can let our guard down and the real "us" comes out.

    For some, this isn't a big change, but for those that put on a good facade, it can be a real let down to the other person.

    It's one of the reasons I'm getting a divorce after ten years of marriage. My husband really put on a good show until we married. Shortly after marriage, he turned into someone else.

    Not good.

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    Because being with another person who they love or like.. I dont if inspire is the right word, well.. they calm themselves down to impress or maybe to protect. He wants the best for his gf or especially if he's married.

    It's all about commitment and being careful on not losing that one person he loves.

    It's also because maybe he's spending a little more time with his gf or wife than his guy friends.

    Maybe he feels a little more comfortable with that person that it just wont matter or he's more sensitive.

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    Ezcuse me, please don"t say every man ! I often wonder the same about women. I think some people get bored, some have a change of heart and then satin is always on the prowl looking for those he can devoure !

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    its not just men women do to. they get used to the people they are with, they think they have u now y keep the act up. they can be them-selfs now. true colors start showin bout 6 months after u start gettin to know each other

  • Anonymous
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    It depends on how much they change. It can be from them not really wanting to be with you or possible cheating. It really just depends on how much they change.Usually they just get used to being with you. I mean you begin to know each others likes and dislike as well as each others limits. It can also be him attempting to test the water to see what he can get away with.

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    They get bored and are missing the old excited feeling.

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    it go's both ways

    as your together for awhile you kind of get use to the other, the love is there but you tend not to show it as much..................

    you get set in your ways and at ease with your surroundings

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