When can I get HUD-1? Before or after escrow signing?

I need your help as a first time home buyer. At the title company during the "signing", I was told by escrow agent I do not have to see HUD-1. It's the Law. The HUD-1 will be available to me after the escrow is closed and I received the key to the property. The reason being I am in Northern California and it is different from other part of the country where HUD-1 is given prior to "signing". It's perplexing. The property is in San Francisco and the title company also in the same city. Any thought/comment will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

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    Just as a matter of good and ethical business practices you should be able to receive and review the HUD-1 before the actual signing/closing.

    Sometimes it's just not possible to get them out to borrowers until an hour before the closing/signing but still you need the time to review it without the pressure of being at the closing and seeing it for the first time.

    I realize that California is different than many states with their "closing escrow" status but still insist on reviewing the HUD-1 before you get to the signing/closing.

    Again, I am not familiar with CA but I seriously doubt that it's the law that you cannot review the HUD-1 before signing. That would be a Federal matter under RESPA.

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    I am not familar with CA rules because I am not totally up to speed with closing in escrow, however I would have to believe that you should be provided with a HUD-I Settlement statement prior to signing any documents of closing. How can you close if you don't know all of the fees involved?

    I would call several different Escrow Companies in your area and tell them you want to ask a general question and see what you get. Also ask your lender and maybe a couple of others.

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    You may not be entitled to the HUD prior to closing but you can certainly review it at closing. If you are unhappy with the terms, you can make a decision to not sign the documents. To propose that you will not see a HUD-I until after the loan is closed and you have the keys to the home is preposterous. I'd tell the title company so. Don't put up with their crap. You can always call their insurer or the appropriate regulating agency in CA if they give you any grief.

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