I feel I need more energy- will wholegrain / wholewheat 5-7 servings/day make me fat?Or is YAM/ Potato better?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Don't know much about the food side of things but if you want to feel more energetic have you tried stretching/yoga? I take a multivitamin daily and Berocca as well. There are some great herbal supplements. Drink plenty of water and this may sound strange, but, are you sleeping too hot? When I sleep with too many blankets on I get dehydrated and feel flat. Good luck.

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    I eat this breakfast a lot --


    Cameron Diaz talked about it in a magazine. She eats it before she goes surfing, and it allows her to go out for four hours without getting hungry and having all the energy she needs. I substitute frozen asparagus for broccolini, cook it the night before, and heat up in the morning. It tastes really good, and has stopped me from having morning snacks, even on the mornings I go to the gym.

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    I understand that you want to become fat - ie be healthy

    check if you have any malabsorbtion symdromes, anemia, or hormonal imbalance -

    Have a balaneced diet - with varitey of grains, cereals, vegetables, frutis, nuts, milk.

    Peanuts, soya, whey protines are good if used in good way

    Take 120 / 150 ml water every one hr - during the waking hrs

    Chew ur food to paste before you swallow - every thing will digest -even the hardest thing

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    Stick with the yams and whole grains. Those carbs are more complex. Be sure to eat the skin, too.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Mix it up; they're both good for you. Whole grains will fill you up, so you may not eat that much. They won't make you fat. Eat lots of vegetables and some fruits and dairy.

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