What to write in a letter...to a certain someone?

What is a GREAT excuse to send an email to someone?

like...just some reason, any GOOD reason to send one...

i'm sure the guy will see right through it, it's not like i send him emails everyday.

but the thing is...

gotta somehow find a reason to connect.

he's very very musical. and interesting.

and i've known him for awhile. and we talk sometimes. but he's verrrrry polite, and sort-of warm but cold...like...he'll talk about very impersonal things...last time we talked, it was about the fact that he was doing a trill wrong in his right hand in a piece that he was supposed to have for memory this week. long story behind that...but anyway.

he's very shy with girls. not shy...but cautious.

how do i get him to open up?

i think he's rather reluctant to do anything unless someone else wants to do something.

but anyway, this is about an email...

btw, everyone is in love with him.

but if he knows it, he doesn't talk to the person for awhile or goes polite but cold...so yes. thanks :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you know what type of music he is into then find a concert or program that you both can go to and send him an e-mail and tell him that you are going to it and wanted to know if he would join you as you have an extra ticket or pass and the GIRL friend that was going to go had something come up and she can't make it and you don't know anyone else who is into that type of music show

  • 1 decade ago

    Ask him advise or a question on something that you know he's very familiar with. You know, just to get the ball rolling. Who knows, maybe he's just waiting for a good reason to speak to you too:-) Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you can send a card to him and tell him that you wear thing of him and you wont to do something nice for him

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