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Will i ever see the return of MUSIC and not loudness and repetition( hip hop, rap)in my lifetime( i'm 27)?

I don't understand why young people like hip hop and rap .It's so repetitive in it's music, ( well many of it)This is quite boring and uncreative... and it puts emphasis on loudness( which is bad for our ear health) MTV promotes it loud, stereo makers promote it loud. Also, in a way the whole hip hop rap thing makes people diisrespectful...They put it loud, don't care about neighbors wanting quiet and peace. the louc BOOM BOOM beats are felt even if they actual rapping voice is not hearable.. and it shakes neighbors houses and windows.

Will this ever end? Will youths ever go back to singing and something nice and creative.

I'm 27, i guess i'm not that old. but i enjoy nice music. and if i were to play loud music, i would put on some headphones.. NOT disturb neighbors endlessly with repetitive endless loops.

We also need our youths to be more creative. That rap hip hop is not helping:Take 6 notes off twinkle twinkle little star, put a repetitive computer beat, that's it. uncreativ

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    --Commercial-- music is generally repetitive, unfortunately. (and some, of any type, can be uncreative based on your idea of repetition).

    Until someone comes up with a new "trend", the type of styles just about stay the same.

    There are some hip hop producers that do break that mold though. =)

    -- Ever go to a club? That's where alot of "new" music shows up. So, yeah... bass in hip hop is natural, just as techno has bass too... you can feel it in the speakers.

    People blasting music in their cars is boasting, and well... in a house, really isn't necessary.

    I love listening to loud music and prefer headphones though. =)

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    I do not consider it has any influence on their song given that fine is what the determines it it doesn't matter what style or sub style of song it's. BQ: What separates artists from at present and the beyond is that rappers from the beyond can also be noticeable extra as pioneers considering the fact that they've extra open house for growing new matters considering the fact that the style of song is quite new. During that point it used to be less complicated to arise with more moderen gimmicks than it's at present. As a long way as imitating, I do not rather desire to name it that, however simply say that they're constructing upon the basis that used to be already created.

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    I find it difficult to take your argument seriously. Firstly, you generalise all rap as being the same - which it isn't. Secondly, you ignore the fact that other forms of music can be classified as "loud" and repetitive - numerous genre's/spin off's of rock for example - some of which, to an outsider just sounds like screeching over loud guitars.

    To be honest your question shows your ignorance of rap.

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    jesus, 27 i think you got it backwards, you sound like your 72, but anyway, try rock, not boy band rock, i personally prefer metal over anything but try to stay wellrounded and really enjoy celtic music, world music free doownload sites show a lot of really cool music some in english i really like the pakistani music, anyway, hip hop isn't music, its intended for bumin on someone and goin to bed, try some othe types of music and if worse comes to worse there a load of "MUSIC" from the past thats really nice

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    I couldn't agree with you more. I dont think its gonna change though. I wish these artists knew what they were doing. Or do they?

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    nope my boyfriend listens to hardcore rave crap real head banging migraine inducing ear drum busting ****e im only 22 and everyone our age listens to it i agree with you totally

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    the good rock music died, that is why I went country.

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