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how do i up grade from windows 2000 to windows xp or windows vista?

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    If you're running windows 2k, you probably don't want to go to Vista as your hardware is not going to support it.

    To upgrade to XP, just purchase the OS upgrade CD kit and install. Note: you usually can't get XP in an upgrade form, so you will have to do a clean install... meaning you'll need to backup and files you want to keep before installing XP on the machine.

    You can find an OEM XP SP2 install set here

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    Well you can't upgrade Windows 2000 to Vista but you can do Windows 2000 to XP, you will have to buy the XP upgrade package which is £60 less than the full XP pacakge, once you buy this follow the instructions, it will take quite a while to upgrade the PC, leave it for a couple of hours but obviously this depends on your PC and memory. If you want further information on why you cant upgrade the Windows 2000 to vista go to the Microsoft website, the whole thing about Vista needing lots of memory and a good graphics card is a bit annoying, to be honest there are still many clitches with Vista and I would wait it out till you think about buying it, wait for those all important updates that Microsoft release to fix those problems.

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    Both previous answers give you half. First, if your computer isn't Vista ready or capable, you can't go there without upgrading the computer (and with computer prices today, you might as well just buy a brand new one with Vista already in it). XP, as stated, needs to be purchased, and then installed, but back up everything you don't wish to lose first. Then follow the instructions with the XP disc to format and install the program. Takes about thirty minutes normally.

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    Kinda a short question. I assume that you want to purchase the upgrade of xp or vista. Just run down to your local computer or electronic store purchase Xp or Vista Upgrade. Insert cd and follow instructions on the screen.

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