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what is a good song to scare teachers?

yes.... at my school its teacher appreciation weak and it sucks, so i wanna have at least a little fun. Ive got a really girly teacher and im gonna bring in a really heavy song, any suggestions, and the 1 i am thinking is

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    Perhaps you should try learning something from your teachers instead of trying to scare them. What really sucks is your spelling and punctuation.

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    You can't scare teachers with a song. You need to grow up and start acting like a young adult that has some sense. Do you really think this is going to "impress" anyone?

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    Hot for Teacher

    Van Halen 1984

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    Bring in some Cradle of Filth or Metallica. That should do the trick. Or AC/DC, but make sure the lyrics are REALLY sexual

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  • SKCave
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    teacher appreciation wEEk! "Another Brick in the Wall "(We don't need no education) "Don't stand so close to me" are pretty scary concepts for teachers. As a teacher, you should really appreciate us, as without us you would be nowhere!

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    "come to daddy" by aphex twin would probably do the trick,,

  • 1 decade ago

    GROW UP DUMBASS !!!!!!!

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