Canada, support the war resisters???

Why is it Canada accepts political prisoners from around the world out of sincere compassion but political dissenters from the US are criminals?...Canada accepted resisters from the Vietnam war, albeit draft not "deserters", why not now when the stakes these young men are facing are just as high...remember when answering that most of these :deserters" have done more in Iraq than most of you couch heros who will call them names. Pierre Trudeau opened the borders and protection of these refugees, why has Stephen Harper not done the same?

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    Maybe Canadians are honorable people. There is a difference between a resister and a deserter. A deserter made a commitment, knowing full well that part of that commitment may put him in harm's way. Canadian people realize that.

    And off hand, I'm no couch hero. I did my time during Vietnam.

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    As has been mentioned here already:


    2) Because of #1, the current US Armed Forces is filled by people who VOLUNTEERED to serve. Therefore, if they try to leave the US, or otherwise not fulfill their contractual obligation, they are DESERTING. In the civilian world, it's called job abandonment, and is usually grounds for termination of employment.

    Source(s): Prior-service, Marine Corps.
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    you're so precise. the worldwide could be a plenty better place if human beings like Saadam have been allowed to proceed their paintings to rid the worldwide of gross human beings like the Kurds. I in elementary terms desire he had gassed extra of them earlier we captured him. heavily, its unhappy that their are human beings like that soldier who're racists in direction of the very people who they are assume to be helping, or all and diverse for that count. yet no longer each and every soldier is like that one. i'm grateful that the war is over there considering you could guess your candy butt that they could convey it right here in a heartbeat. 9-11 could look as though an standard Tuesday if that they had their way. And once you examine in for the protection tension, you hit upon out approximately end loss and needed remember. you recognize which you will put in for in spite of you desire yet they're going to placed you the place they desire you. i comprehend which you and that i became into in no way in the protection tension. in my opinion i'm hoping Canada keeps them. Use my tax money to imprison somebody extremely actually worth the gap they're going to take in.

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    There is no draft.

    I say again, there is no draft.

    For the third time, there is no draft.

    And until you can produce a DD214 showing your Iraq service, kindly shut your hole about "couch heros", Mr. Internet Commando.

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