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if i want to play poker professionally, how would I start?

I want to gamble professionally, i am very good, where would i start?

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    I agree with zct, you have to start out small and build up your bankroll. Start in a game and once you are crushing it on a regular basis, then move up in limits. Don't just jump in and start playing in big buy ins off the bat. Start with some circuit events, they range from 200-10k, but most sub events are around 200-500 dollars and have payouts between 30-40k for first place. Having a nice bank roll can take time to build, i have been playing on the side for years and i still have weeks or even months of bad cards, bad flops, and bad players. Also the mental drain can be a killer as well. Also knowing that you are playing with the rent money makes it a lot harder to call a big bet. And getting credit cards, and a home loan will be hard as we'll, putting down pro card player as your job is not the most secure job to have. so think and keep your day job for a little bit before you go pro.

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    Play poker online. Win a satellite into a major tournament, win that tournament. Do this two or three times and the web site will probably pick you up as a pro and help you buy in to more tournaments.

    What you should not do is quit your day job and drive to Vegas in the hopes of making it big. This rarely works out unless you are both lucky and a truly exceptional player. Remember even good players go broke from time to time. This is why you should minimize your risk by playing low cost satellites.

    Just last night I played in and won a nice cheap satellite to a $300 tournament. If I win the tournament this weekend, they fly me to a multi million dollar $10,000 buy in event. If you are a very good player you should be able to do something like this with minimal investment. In fact you should be able to earn additional money in cash games too.

    These days I think that online play is a nice low risk way to get into professional play. Use online play as a springboard to get you into the major tournaments. Once you start to win some of those you'll make a name for yourself and fame and fortune awaits!

    Even if you don't want to go that far there are tens of thousands of dollars in smaller tournaments up for grabs every day online. Certainly enough to make a living.

    They say that before you quit your day job you should have a bankroll and enough money saved to cover your living expenses for one year. Again I'd suggest using online play to build that bankroll if you don't already have it.

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    Start keeping Records on each session as you play make mental notes on events of the game and remember its not the # of hands you win its the Amount of money you win! and as always remember this money won is sweeter than money earned!!!

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    save up $10,000 and enter the World Series of Poker Texas Hold'em Championship. It's an easy way to get famous. Good luck!

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    very simple to determine if you are any good. online $5/$10 ....better players play for higher stakes. if you don't already have a $3,000 stake from lower limit games you ain't any good

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    i would start playing at a casino where you can practice at 10 player tables, internet is worthless cuz u cant read your oppopnent

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