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Where are all the payphones?

Some of us don't have a cell phone due to "we don't want one"


I refuse to get a cell phone if I don't need one. I don't want a cell phone just cuz everyone and their brother have one. It's just not practical for me.

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    My job took them out because people do not use them. It's no profitable for a co to keep them because of the low usage level. I will always loan my phone to a stranger unless I am over my mins. They rental of the pay phone must be less than total money earned. Sorry hun... Conform or... Borrow my phone!

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    State/Province/Country # of pay phones

    United States

    Alabama 251

    Alaska 77

    Arizona 225

    Arkansas 17

    California 3408

    Colorado 579

    Connecticut 76

    Delaware 8

    Florida 772

    Georgia 378

    Hawaii 190

    Idaho 778

    Illinois 635

    Indiana 2297

    Iowa 152

    Kansas 85

    Kentucky 131

    Louisiana 38

    Maine 36

    Maryland 188

    Massachusetts 479

    Michigan 323

    Minnesota 443

    Mississippi 57

    Missouri 274

    Montana 217

    Nebraska 39

    Nevada 683

    New Hampshire 65

    New Jersey 226

    New Mexico 33

    New York 819

    North Carolina 244

    North Dakota 27

    Ohio 1422

    Oklahoma 128

    Oregon 448

    Pennsylvania 3749

    Puerto Rico 1

    Rhode Island 36

    South Carolina 70

    South Dakota 1

    Tennessee 267

    Texas 33446

    Utah 690

    Vermont 28

    U.S. Virgin Islands 1

    Virginia 472

    Washington 6491

    Washington, DC 108

    West Virginia 51

    Wisconsin 307

    Wyoming 104


    Alberta 230

    British Columbia 3147

    Manitoba 26

    New Brunswick 6

    Newfoundland 274

    Northwest Territories 539

    Nova Scotia 317

    Nunavut 226

    Ontario 9042

    Prince Edward Island 1

    Quebec 1673

    Saskatchewan 27

    Yukon Territory 580

    Other Countries

    Germany 7

    New Zealand 9

    Pitcairn Island 1

    Slovakia 2

    United Kingdom 107

    Grand Total 78177

  • Owning a cellphone is more practical since you can use it anytime you want without bothering anybody else. I think the benefits outweigh the expenses. I don't know if your place has pre-paid phone cards, but here in my place, I can just buy the smallest amount when necessary. It's just important that I load my phone at least once every 60 days - and it's a whole lot cheaper than having land-line phones that demand monthly payments. Also, I can make the call anytime, anywhere without risking my personal safety, as is the case with public phone booths.

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    The pay phones are horrible in chicago they got rid of alot of them and the ones they do have are broke, filthy,or cost .75 every minute they are ridiculous.If you lose money in them and call the operator they say they will mail you the money and never do. Had to buy a cell phone.

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    I was just wondering the same thing. But dude, there aren't many left, so get a cell phone.

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    payphone are starting to be taken down (stupid idea and reason) because of the upkeep they take, and the 'lack' of need/use

    they should keep them up, I have a cell, but sometimes I still NEED the payphone.

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    A lot of places have had them taken out because they just are not being used. I guess it just costs the phone company too much money to maintain them.

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    They're vanishing fast because most people do have cell phones now

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    im in the uk but there is a shortage of them here too. never has been many but they are taking them all away now. iv got a cell but if you dont want one it could sure be a problem.

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    because retarde keep trashing them cause they think their cool and funny

    tho I think its a secrete goverment mind controle device plan and each one is skillfully im planted in each cell phone we don't know it but they do thats why the phones are gone and we are close to follow

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