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I need to know step by step how to seed my lawn?

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    there are some things that would be helpful to know.. is this a new lawn or are you re-seeding...? what are your soil conditions..sand/ clay/ loam? sunny/shady?

    generally, aerate the soil to prepare for seeding. add lime if required (a simple soil test can tell you this) add gypsum if required.

    Spread your seed. Use a blend that is recommended for your area.

    Apply a starter blend fertilizer.

    cover your lawn in straw or lawn mulch or 1/2" of a blend of half sand and half sphagnum peat. this acts as a means to cover the seed and helps keep it moist as the seed germinates. It also keeps it away from the birds.

    Water daily as the seed germinates and establishes itself. moist is good, mud is not, so don't overwater.. just keep the soil moist all the time.

    Seeding is best in the fall since the new grass doesn't have to endure the stress of summer immediately after starting up.

    Good Luck!

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    The soil needs to be tilled and raked until it is very fine. Then hire a seeding machine and add the seeds. Walk the machine up and down and across the lawn until you have distributed them as directed...the place you buy the seed should be able to tell you how much seed per foot. Rope off the area to keep people off it and water the seed deeply. Water the seed every day morning and evening and in a week or so the grass will start to emerge. If you see any bare patches as it starts to emerge sow a few seeds in will catch up. Water once a day after that until the lawn is grown in.

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    If you are going to add top soil then follow these instructions:

    1. Spread topsoil thinly (topsoil will allow quicker germination)(thinly = less than 1/2 inch)

    2. Using a broadcast spreader, seed the lawn.

    3. Water daily for seven to ten days.

    Yer done.

    If no topsoil, then follow only 2 and 3.

    If this is a brand new lawn that doesn't have grass yet, then it is a different story. You need to prep the lawn by putting at least three inches of topsoil on a packed sand base two inches thick, then roll the topsoil to firm it up (Fertilizer should be mixed into the topsoil prior to putting it on the sand base) water it daily for three days to break down the fertilizer, and then seed with a broadcast spreader and seven days later seed it again. Watering will need to be done daily for about four weeks. This is all only if you are in areas that get adequate rain normally. In dry areas, you would not want the sand base. That is to allow excessive water to drain through and be syphoned away, so the grass does not rot.

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    Drive to lawn supply store.

    Park and go in

    Buy grass seed from lawn supply store.

    leave store.

    Drive home.

    Park car.

    Take bag out of car.

    Read directions on bag.

    Open bag with knife.

    Spread seed as directed on bag.

    get a lawn or hard rake.

    Rake in seed.

    Get out garden hose.

    Hook what hose to hose spout on house.

    Water seeded area.

    Put hose away.

    Go in house got to refrigerator and get beer.

    Site in front of TV on lazy-boy.

    Fall asleep.

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