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Girls only! Spiderman 3 ..?

Have you watched spiderman3?

If you can choose to date 4 of followings what will it be and why do you like your following options ?and what is yoru least favorite choices..

1. Peter Parker

2. Aggresive Peter Parker with Symbiote Version

3. Spiderman

4. Osborn ( Parker friend)

It seems like parker with symbiote version in movie is obnoxious to passer by ( but i think he is funny and very attractive lool)

And the scene when he asked Urzula for Cookies and milk, what do u think about it?


Ok what do u think about

urzula character in person?

Can you describe her in your opinion?

And about that scene, cookie and milk,

How would you define the action of symbiote spider man....

And when he said " you will lost yourself" if you let symbiote take over you, but the black creature saids, he felt powerful and happy ....what does it means????

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    Well im not gunna answer who i would date, since im a guy, but The cookie and milk scene was extremely hilarious and i about died laughing in theaters.

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    Yeah, I seen the movie!

    I would so choose Harry Osborn!

    He is so cute and even when the Symbiote version of Peter Parker blew up half of his face he still looked like he took it like a man, witch made him more attractive in my eyes cause he looks like he could handle alot of pain!

    I thought Parker was being very obnoxious about the cookies, like he was taking advantage of that idiotic girl. But, it was funny!

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    Aggresive Peter Parker with Symbiote Version = sexy

    Osborn ( Parker friend) = looks like ex friend EWWWWWW

  • Aggresive Peter Park, man!! He's gorgeous!! Have ya seen his hair when he's evil?? Sexxi or what???

    My least favourite... Probably Peter Parker...Nerdy, && he's gotten a lil big headed.

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    I'll go for Harry. He's very sweet and he's always there for me when I needed him. Dating a superhero is such a mess! I don't want to be the second priority all the time.

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    i didnt watch spiderman

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